Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feed your soul with sunset

A glorious sunset is the symbol of a true beauty. The sky performs a spectacular color for a few minutes, and then it’s gone. However, the psychological effects of adoring the sunset may persist long after the phenomenon has over. Studies indicate that honoring natural beauty may boost your wellbeing, enhance generosity and increase life satisfaction. The key is to actively take part in some experiences. To obtain the rewards from sunset, you need to stop whatever else you’re doing and simply look at the sky.

Here are some of the psychological benefits of sunset gazing as follow:
•    Emotional wellbeing
People who are connected with nature, always feel happier and having more positive emotions. Researchers found that some people get more joy from an hour in the park than others.

•    Concern for others
Another research found that the positive emotions evoked by natural beauty led to increased feelings by concern for others. It is not just looking at the nature that put people in a generous mood, but receiving the beauty of nature does that. And a sunset happens to be the best example.

•    Satisfaction with life
Beauty enriches life, making it more precious. Greater engagement with beauty is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction and gratitude. The beauty of nature is so powerful. There’s a natural tendency that we normally do when we walk during sunset; we tend to stop, stare at the sunset, and being caught up in that situation. In that moment, your mind gets a solid break from thinking about all the problems you have. You will have a feeling that life seems a little better now.
So, on your next sunset hunt, you may want to try these tips:
•    Grab a camera
This is not to do a selfie pose with sunset backdrop, but to really see the sunset and capture the second-to-second experience.

•    Enjoy cocktails
Admire a glorious sunset while enjoying cocktails with family and friends is a perfect way to finish the day and start the evening.

•    Do a meditation
Take several slow, deep breaths to relax your body and calm your mind. Then look at the sunset, focusing on the colors, light, the changes in the sky, the intensity and then the disappearance. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “When I admire the wonders of a sunset, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.”

This article is published at The Leaf Jimbaran blog