Thursday, September 29, 2016

Paon Restaurant at Swiss-Belhotel Petitenget

Located at the heart of Petitenget, Paon Restaurant at Swiss-belhotel Petitenget is truly a force to be reckoned with. It is an international hotel that many have classified as deserving a five-star rating. Just 15 minutes away from the busiest spot of Seminyak, the hotel sets itself up as a convenient location for many tourists and guests. One particular feature that people find appealing at the hotel is Paon Restaurant.

Having all kind of food on offer, you can always choose to take the wonderful dinner buffet at the restaurant or sit quietly by the pool side enjoying a quiet dinner. The restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering Rijsttafel menu, which is a delicacy for many people in Indonesia. Imagine a meal where you get to taste all of your favourite sources and yet get to pay for the price of one. The meal consists of chicken, beef, fish, curry, and sweets. It really does not get any more delicious than this. It is a great way to taste different Indonesian foods at the same time, and not get to eat so much. It is the perfect meal for any tourist who does not have time to taste different foods on different days. 

The portions served are just enough to fill you, yet small enough to allow you taste everything else on the table. The food is full of so many delicious flavours. The Rijstaffel meal is simply a bowl of rice that is served with many other small dishes of spicy, hot, cold and peppery side dishes. The side dishes are to be eaten with rice which is regarded as the main course. The Paon Rijstaffel meal is served with side dishes of chicken, fish and beef. What a combination. To top it all up, sweets are served as desert, which are the perfect ending to a perfect meal. 

By Sue Ann Klosterman (Guest Writer)