Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kids and the Animals Bonding in Bali

The bond between kids and animals is one of the most fundamental bonds to ever be witnessed. The health and wellbeing of both the animals and kids is boosted a great deal by this interaction. Though adults may also love animals, the amounts of time they can dedicate to these creatures can’t never be compared to the time the kids spend with the animals they love most. Some of the benefits the children may get from loving animals are to learn to be responsible by taking care of them while at the same time to study nature as the great textbook in the zoos, thus this will gain the much needed knowledge and life skills.

In Bali, the wants of children as far as nature and animal studies are concerned has highly been considered. As a result, there are a number of parks that the kids can visit to continue fostering the powerful two-way animal children relationship.

Starting in December, perfectly in time for festive season, visitors of Bali Zoo will be greeted with a unique warm welcome from the friendly herd of deer. Situated within the areal of Bali Zoo’s entrance, Bali Deer Park spans over 4,700 meter squares of lush tropical garden, a home to thirty-four Sitatunga deer, eighteen Timor deer, and six wallabies. Guests are welcome to touch, feel, play and feed the free roaming gracious deer while queuing to purchase the entrance tickets.

Walking through Bali Deer Park, visitors’ sights will be indulged with manicured garden offering contemporary feel park that features natural plantations, such as palm oil, banana trees, and other floras that one can only be found in the tropics. The park also features a number of water fountains to soothe the sensory journey into nature.

Bali Deer Park is designed as part of Bali Zoo commitment to offer unique wildlife experiences for the visitors, as they are expected to feel nature’s warm welcome from the moment their first step foot on the zoo’s ground.

Jalan Raya Singapadu, Banjar Seseh, Sukawati, Batuan, Gianyar
+62 361 294357

Bali Safari & Marine Park has forever been a park that dedicates efforts in encouraging children to be in love with the natural environment thus striving to preserve it to the best of their abilities. Such commitment can be seen by having programmes for kids, and Tiny Paws World is one of them. This activity introduces participants to the park keepers to gain the first-hand experience of what it is like to work with the animals. This programme also provides the opportunity to feed and handle some of the animals while learning about their care and feeding.

This unique and exciting animal experience includes helping the park keepers to prep the favourite food for the animals, learning about the animals from the dedicated park keepers, learning how to groom a horse, and learning about the challenges of becoming a veterinarian. The kids are also offered the chance of joining a motorized Safari tour, which carries them on secured, slow moving vehicles navigating through the homes of animals of India, Indonesia and Africa. Children get the precious opportunity of appreciating encounter programs such as the Elephant Educational Show and the Predator to Prey Shows among others.

After having an educational day out in the natural environment, a playing session is mandatory. Children are released to jump up and down in the Park’s Petting as they get a chance of assisting in the Pony’s grooming. The day of fantasy continues with the little ones being allowed free access to an array of amusement park rides that are positioned in the Fun Zone of the park.

Jalan Bypass Prof Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar
+62 361 95000

This is the best place where children are provided with unrivalled opportunity to learn more about birds. Special events are frequently sponsored by the park, to increase the awareness of adults and children alike of the threats faced by wildlife in this era. While in the park, the children will be able to learn and have an experience of about a thousand different birds of 250 species within just a single day. There is probably no other park in the entire world that can offer such a high number of species to their researchers.

Expect to feed the pelicans, the Papua rainforest bird, the lory, and the birdstars among others. To have a practical experience with the geography learnt in school, school children will afford to interact with the rainforest in the park, a rainforest that has been preserved from much disturbance. The kids mostly enjoy birds when they are freely interacting in their natural habitat than when they are confined in cages.

Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Gianyar
+62 361 299352

As a centre for butterfly breeding, preservation and research, Bali Butterfly Park is one unique place where the little ones can come to have an experience with the mystery of nature while the parents come to do their research. The park has dedicated its time and resources to ensure that one can be able to see almost all the famous birdwing butterflies in the region. It is no question that butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures in nature and are really loved by children more than any other age group in the society.

At Bali Butterfly Park, the children explore what they can’t get from anywhere else as this is the largest butterfly park in the Southeast Asia. The park is established in 1996 and arguably among nature’s riches, having almost all the butterflies that can be found in every corner of Indonesia and even beyond. The rare encounter with the endemic butterfly species will surely not disappoint the children.

While on their expeditions in the park, the children can take breaks to enjoy beverages and snacks at the mini restaurant in the park. And to have a memory of the place, souvenirs are available at the Souvenir Art shop.

Jalan Batukaru, Banjar Sandan Lebah, Wanasari Village, Tabanan,
+62 361 8940595

How about visiting live a group of Sumatran Elephants in the north of Ubud? These giant herds take pleasure breathing fresh air and indulging the cool, humid climate far away from the busy live. In Elephant Safari Park, children will get the opportunity to feed these giant mammals with the food provided in the park, with no extra charge. They are also welcome to meet and greet with the baby elephants at their nursery. To supply more information about elephants, Elephant Discovery Museum is available to provide the information related with elephants from different continents. Elephant Art Gallery is the newest addition in this museum, featuring adorable paintings, unique statues and valuable carvings.

Elephant ride is of course the main reason why kids want to go to this park. The elephant ride takes the passenger for a tour along the track built amidst the locals’ owned plantation and jungle. The beauty of the nature as well as the fresh air will be the additional benefit in this activity. After the ride, lunch at the restaurant is a must, while keep getting distracted by the view of the elephants playing in a lake or roaming around the park.

Jalan Elephant Safari Park, Taro Village, Tegallalang, Gianyar
+62 361 8988888

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Holistic Jewellery Collection at Dhatri Jewellery

Dhatri Jewellery Collection provides an inspiring selection of beautiful contemporary holistic jewellery by offering a variety of unique designs that utilize the power of crystals, symbols and colour therapy. Their holistic line actualises more of traditional methods using a unique formula by combining crystals, precious stones and refined metals such as gold, silver and copper, together with ancient symbols and colours to style from organic chic to modern elegance. In addition, they also create custom-made jewellery to suit your taste. Every piece has a special meaning to the wearer.

Courtesy of Dhatri Jewellery
Jalan Danau Tamblingan 54, Sanur
+62 361 285806
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Home Sweet Home at Rumahan

An expose gem in a centre city of Denpasar, Rumahan showcases furniture showroom with a unique eclectic design. Surrounded by lush, tropical plants and greenery atmosphere, Rumahan is adding a new style to Bali’s interior setting on furniture and concept store. Since the showroom area is also functioning as a dining area as well as living room, therefore visitors can find cool accessories blend together with the settings, while at the same time creating a homey and cosy atmosphere. The outdoor terrace area is romantic and sensual, with a crystal clear view of the sky during the day and stars at night.

Rumahan pursues to differentiate themselves from the current industrial design trend by using a combination of glass, textures and elements to produce a combination between natural and homey. The interior is a breakthrough that breaks all the rules on the interior dictionary, making the setting has its own unique blend, perfect for interior geeks and shopaholic to spend the day.

Rumahan Bistro
Jalan Teuku Umar 143, Denpasar
+62 361 474 8265

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ubud’s Home Cooking Style of Mediterranean Cuisine

Located in Ubud, Tidbit Food Factory is a mix Mediterranean food with local ingredients. Everything served on the table is grown on the fertility of soil in Bali, well-combined with the delicious homemade recipes of the Mediterranean. You are expected to enjoy the rich flavour of Italian, Greek, Turkish and Moroccan dish.
Announcing new selection of breakfast menu available on Tuesday to Sunday from 8AM – 12PM. The signature Tidbit Benedict comes with Tidbit poached egg style benedict, served on Ciabatta, roasted tomato, baby rucola, and basil hollandaise. Or try the most order Breakfast Pancake consists of Cinnamon pancakes and served with fruits salad. Other breakfast selection is including Mediterranean omelette, Breakfast Bulgur, and Tidbit breakfast plater will treat your morning with a marvellous taste. Only with 60K, you can have any one of those with fresh juices or Italian coffees.

Tidbit Food Factory
Jalan Raya Pengosekan 108, Ubud, Gianyar
+62 361 9081382

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Get your body Energized

The Energizing Body treatment at Sakanti Spa will pamper your body and, at the same time, reawaken your senses. A 5-minute foot ritual will mark the beginning of the session, where your feet and lower legs are exfoliated and removed using hot mitts. It is then followed by a gentle massage, targeting reflexology pressure points. The Frangipani body scrub treatment comes after this, made from red rice powder mix frangipani flowers dried, and frangipani essential oils. An infusion of exotic oil and frangipani flowers seal in moisture, leaving skin delicately fragranced. Frangipani is also meant to be an antibiotic, and the effect of the essential oil will ensure the skin remains soft. It works as well with cracked and dry skin.

You will need to lie face down, and the masseuse will use a few strokes of a body brush up the legs, three strokes down the back and three down the arms. This will remove any dead skin cells and bring the blood to the surface to eliminate toxins from the body. Then a small amount of oil will be applied to the skin followed by the frangipani scrub. Using fast circular movement, the scrub is rubbed onto the skin. The treatment is completed with a short scalp massage before getting to shower off the salt scrub, leaving the skin nourished with a healthy glow. You can also continue pampering yourself in a fresh ginger and lemongrass body bath. Its clean and calming aroma helps relieve stress, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia. This body bath will also relieve sore muscles and stiff joints.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Splashing at the Waterpark

They say that you should never let the child inside you die. Family outings helps keep the child inside you alive. Not only it ensures that the kids spend quality times with their parents, but also helps the parents to destress as they spend a refreshing and energy packed days with their little ones. When family outings are planned, it is essential to keep in mind that the entire family can enjoy together. Group activities filled with fun and laughter are the best outings ever. One destination where the entire family always excites to go is a waterpark, and Waterbom Bali offers such activities with loads of adrenaline rush and thrills for the kids.

As the best waterpark in Asia, Waterbom Bali is an oasis in the middle of the famous Kuta stretch and sets in lush tropical garden with many great rides and attractions. Exciting water slides slice through 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for everyone. With more than 15 rides to choose from, your day is going to be a packed one.

This waterpark has all categories of slides for various age groups. If you are coming with toddlers, then ‘Funtastic’ is the place they will love. It is a large wet playground most suited for small kids 6 and under, where water only ever reaches their knees. There are four tube slides, two short open slides, a climbing net, water jets, canons and a giant tipping water bucket offering hours of fun.

The most popular attraction for families is floating along the ‘Lazy River’ in a rubber tube. The impressive ride is surrounded by dense green foliage where other park attractions are out of sight, creating a feeling that you’re drifting through an Asian jungle full of waterfalls and fountains. ‘Superbowl’ is a gentle slide where the kids have a blast as the slide spins the tube around a big bowl before flushing you out into the pool below. Another major attraction at the park is the ‘Flow Rider’, which lets you experience surfing or body boarding as if you were in the ocean.

For the gaming kids, ‘Water Blaster’ is a super-fun game where you aim and fire the water balloons using catapults to fire at your challenger, hit the bull's - eye and get them wet. The kids can also try ‘Euro Bungy’ that will catapult them 9 metres into the sky and dare a few flips to pump up the adrenaline.

If your family is up for some serious waterpark activities, then head straight to the slides. The ‘Python’ is the biggest waterslide in the industry. It is a closed in tunnel slide where part of the ride is in complete darkness, which is great for unexpected twists and turns. Waterbom also hosts some crazy, extreme slides for the ones who wants to live life on the edge. ‘Twin Racers’ features a short, enclosed tunnel before gathering momentum for a sudden drop. Lying face forward, race your friends down the slide. Another side by side slide is ‘The Fast N Fierce’ where you plummet toes first down a giant open tube. It goes very fast and is suitable for kids looking for a rush.

The two most challenging and nerve-wrecking slides are the ‘Python’ and the ‘Climax’. Whisking riders along a twisty tube, the pipeline gets your heart racing. It takes only 10 to 13 seconds to slide through the 150 metres tube at 3.5Gs. Looks can be deceiving with this one, as it resembles any other slide but the speeds are extreme when you are in the Python. Climax is another extremely intense ride where you start in a small chamber, and after waiting a few seconds, a trap door opens right below you to drop you 16 metres at 2.5Gs. However, these two slides are not recommended for the kids.

Getting around in Waterbom Bali is very comfortable with expansive, flat paved walkways. Prams and strollers are no trouble. While your kids are having a great time at the park, you can rent a Gazebo to relax and unwind with more privacy. Exclusively for the parents who deserve pampering once in a while, Waterbom Bali also provides a 60-minute spa treatment, ending the day perfectly.

Amidst all these activities, you are bound to discover a new side to yourself which will make you feel pleased at the end of the day. The kids are bound to have a time of their lives, so be ready to receive tons of hugs from them. Every family has a story to tell, and you can create yours.

Credit to Waterbom Bali
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Fresh Asian Cuisine in Ubud

Situated at the heart of the artist community, on the corner of Monkey Forest Road and Hanoman Street, Indochine Resto & Rooftop Lounge is just a few minutes from the island’s cultural centre of Ubud. The unique culinary experience at this restaurant is reminiscent of the classic up to date dining ambiance that you won’t wish to miss out on. The setting is perfect for the celebration of an important announcement, special occasion and relaxed dinner among others.

As part of the Indochine Group of hospitality industry service providers, Indochine Resto & Rooftop Lounge by Baliwood offers a unique combination of the Indonesian or rather Asian and Chinese cuisine, thus making it an ideal spot for those who are looking for a new taste in Ubud. Diners are offered a unique dining environment and memorable delicacies for special occasions together with important celebrations. You can also enjoy a collection of cocktails and wines, as well as acoustic live music on the rooftop.

Credit to Indochine Resto & Rooftop Lounge by Baliwood
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mie Tarik live in action

Inside a tropical hideaway of the charming ambience of the Anvaya Beach Resort, Sands is blessed with the best view of Indian Ocean. The beachfront setting of Sands features extraordinary sunset views with engaging sound of waves, adding the list of romantic places to dine in Bali. Along with the comfort of luxury accommodation inside the beach resort, this is a perfect place for those who want to engage their taste buds and satisfy their soul with some delightful Balinese influenced by Mediterranean and Californian cuisine on offer.

The signature dish is featuring Mie Tarik, one of the famous Chinese-Indonesian cuisines. The noodle is thick and sticky, which is much better and textured than dried instant noodle. It tastes very good, especially when you mix a lot of lemon inside. The texture of the noodles is just like Udon. At Sands, you can get the opportunity to see the pull-and-stretch process of making Mie Tarik.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Wining Liquors

Made and produced by PT Astidama Adhimukti, in the Tabanan Heights, Iceland Vodka is being processed from triple distillation stages to create a smooth and pure vodka taste. Using only selected-high quality grains from across the archipelago, Iceland Vodka is expected to bring out the excellence performance to fulfilled one’s thirst. The water is sourced from a pure spring in Bali, before going through a charcoal filtration method to ensure its purity. 

Iceland vodka is perfect to drink in a pure shot, house pouring or any cocktail that requires vodka, including Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, Illusion and Long Island. The fact that Island Vodka is affordable and having exceptional taste with its international standard, makes it the perfect choice for any occasion. Available in a 250 ml flask and in exclusive 350 ml, 500 ml and 700 ml bottle, they look very tempting. 

Astidama Distillery also produces a Balinese Premium Whisky, Drum Green Label. This Whisky has been announced for Bronze medal in the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC). This is the highest award in the industry, making Drum Green Label Whisky as the first Indonesian Whisky with International Recognition. This achievement also explains that the products from Indonesia are able to compete with premium imported products.

Credit to PT Astidama Adhimukti
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