Thursday, August 25, 2016

Best Kitchen Accessories for your Home Kitchen

Budget based cooking tools are the current trend. The kitchen must look attractive with the latest and modern kitchen items. People love to have new Kitchen Accessories to improve the style and appearance of their Kitchen. These tools also simplify cooking to a great extent.

StovesStoves are the primary kitchen item in all kitchens. The glass top gas stoves are the most preferred kitchen item in every household. These stoves add more elegance to your home kitchen. These glass top stoves are easy to clean and maintain. Duplex glass tops are preferred for their shatterproof nature and holding large utensils. Normally gas stoves come with a two-year warranty period.
The main features preferred in a stove include
•    Toughened glass top with black color
•    Pan support
•    Design must be spill proof
•    Efficient Brass burners preferably three
•    Auto induction burners
•    Easy to clean and maintain
Induction stoves have replaced the gas stoves considerably. The main features of an induction stove include the preset cooking options for various modes, switch control, 2100 W capacity, Time selection, Digital display, temperature setting, variable wattage, etc. The need for induction stoves is on the rise.

Water purifiersWater is an essential element in cooking. The presence of a water purifier in the kitchen is of great use. Water purifiers and dispensers are one of the essential Kitchen Accessories. Water is the most important element and in families with children, the need for purified water is high. Most of the diseases spread through contaminated water and hence the need for pure water is high. Every household has a water purifier in the form of RO, candle based, carbon based, reverse osmosis and other types.
The main features of a water purifier include
•    Electrical operation
•    Wall Mount Installation
•    3 or 5 Purification Stages
•    24 V Operating Voltage
•    UV Technology
•    Total Capacity of 8 liters
•    Filter Life of 6000 Liters
•    RO + UV Technology
•    Auto Shut-off
•    RO Technology
•    RO Membrane based operation

Other Main Kitchen AccessoriesMicrowave oven is one of the main accessories in home Kitchen that make cooking fast. In this fast paced world, people do not have time for cooking. Microwave oven is the solution to save time on cooking. Speed cooking is the specialty of the microwave ovens.
Refrigerator is an essential appliance in every kitchen. Energy saving is a main aspect considering the refrigerators as they are switched on all the time. It is better to go for a five-star rating refrigerator to save energy. Juicers and ice cream makers are essential home kitchen accessories during the summer time when body needs more fluids. Drinking Coffee is a daily habit, and this makes coffee maker one of the essential Kitchen Accessories. Energy Efficient Dishwashers are the need of the hour. On an average, the life of a dishwasher comes to around ten years. These dishwashers improve the lifestyle of the family.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Keeping your body in shape during your holiday

Keeping your body in a good shape is a necessity during your holiday, which is why some luxury hotels are competing to spread awareness about healthy living while traveling. This kind of promotion is specifically targeted for guests who want to take a vacation while maintaining fitness in all sorts of activities. Whether you are staying for a short business trip or a long vacation, you still need to be fit for a bunch of activities ahead. No matter what your age or how your physical condition, you can take benefits from doing exercise. 

Getting fit requires repetitive exercises, which only take less than 15 minutes of your daily routine to be able to maintain fitness. For older people, doing a regular exercise can be a challenge, and involve a lot of efforts. However, based on researches, routine exercise is good for your body, mind and mood, while at the same time, it can even slow down the aging process. 

Some luxury hotels provide umpteen facilities to keep your body in shape. You can start by doing exercise in the swimming pools to get a better workout with a smaller risk of injury than exercising on land. It helps to improve your cardio and muscular development. Alternatively, you can go to the traditional method by visiting the gym, which provided in most of the hotels. 

Besides using gym facility provided in the hotel, there are heaps of other things to be done to maintain fitness during your holiday, including going for a jog/walk around the area, swim on the beach, cycling, and many more. Maintaining your fitness is not always easy. It needs total commitment from you. So, are you able to have such big commitment?

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Staying is a magnificent garden is all you need for vacation

All of us look forward to go on a vacation and take as much as needed break. A very important part of the vacation is where you decide to choose your stay. Any place away from the concrete jungle seems quite pleasing. But one important aspect to be considered while choosing a hotel/villa should be about the availability of a garden, in which would make us feel close to the nature.

Most of the hotels and resorts nowadays boast of a beautiful landscape filled with gardens and parks. A room with a magnificent garden view is a perfect treat for a relaxing holiday. The lush greenery all around will immediately make you feel so fresh and full of energy. It detoxifies your body and cleanses your mind of all negative thoughts back home. The air is all pure and clear, which is great for our body who takes the torture of polluted air all the time. 
Most of the gardens have a stream, pond or a small waterfall. Watching the fishes swimming in the stream or dipping your feet in the cold water from the waterfall relaxes your muscles and soothes your senses. Many times, there are a variety of small animals and birds in the magnificent garden, which evokes your playful nature. You can feed them, run after them or just sit on the edge of the stream and observe the beauty.
The most relaxing part of being in a garden is taking a mat and lying down in the lush green, yellow shades of the trees and gazing at the clouds floating by. The children can have a lot of fun in the gardens, knowing that there is an ample space to run around, which they are otherwise deprived of in a city. They can also spend time on the swings, slides and other small rides in the garden. As for the adult who happens to be a fitness freak, gardens are the best option to sweat yourself out in the open air. Alternatively, simply walk barefoot in the garden and feel the soft, fresh grass under your feet while hearing the sweet chirping of so many different birds.
A garden is almost a crucial element to decide where you stay during travel, because sometimes what we need is not just a matter of a place to sleep but more about getting close to the nature. Make your vacation beautiful and healthy by always opting for a hotel with a magnificent garden to rejuvenate your soul and mind.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tips for Achieving Your Fitness Goals

At one time or another, most people have some sort of fitness goal. A goal may be diet related, weight related, or health related in general. It has become a huge part of society in many parts of the world, and yet we often fail. People every year set goals that they, most unfortunately, often do not achieve. This pattern of failure is tied into self-discipline with the lack of an ability to keep it in the long run. This occurs because people set their goals too high to begin with which does not allow them to fail. People want a quick solution for habits that have been long in the making.

Some of these actions that become too difficult to keep doing includes working one’s muscles excessively while lifting large weights, which especially for a beginner is too difficult to manage. Another goal may include wanting to become a great runner and trying to reach this goal by attempting to run 3 miles when 1 mile was of great difficulty. These naturally set people up for failure before they have really begun. Another thing people often do when making resolutions is to set too many goals at once. Unless they are a super-hero, it is all simply too much.
So what is the answer? How to we, as humans, avoid this type of failure?
The answer lies in setting little, manageable goals periodically throughout the year instead of trying to reach all of them at one time. This may include daily, weekly, and monthly goals that lend to a different healthier lifestyle instead of some sort of quick fix that is truly impossible.
Here are the best tips you should put into your arsenal to ensure only success in your next year. (Failures are okay too! Just learn from them.)
Set Reasonable Goals
As stated in the beginning of this article, setting unrealistic goals often sets one for failure. While failure can often be a source of self-growth, it can often discourage and make people give up. By setting realistic goals, one can stay on track of their resolutions and stay motivated to keep going. If your goal is to lose weight, realize that your body took some time to get to whichever weight you are now, and that the most realistic, healthy way for that body to lose that amount is to lose the weight during the same length of time it took you to gain it. While it is possible for the loss to be quicker than the gain, trying to go too fast is unrealistic.
In the worst cases, those who lose their weight too quickly often gain all of it back and then some. This is because the time it took to lose the weight has not been enough time for the individual to adjust mentally to the new lifestyle. Or, worse, they view the change as a temporary diet and revert back to old ways once their goal weight has been reached. To be successful in this, you must look at these changes as lifestyle changes, not temporary ones.
Another reasonable thing to try to set for yourself is a schedule that you can adhere to. Be somewhat ambitious, but not enough to make the other areas of your life impossible to manage. Try to find that perfect balance while incorporating your personal fitness goals.
Prioritize “You”Many people find themselves barely getting by life due to all the different responsibilities they have. It can be difficult to add more time to the already-packed schedule for self-growth, but it must be done. Subtract just a little time from the other duties and give yourself the time to accomplish at least a little of your goal every day. Or, you could do this on a weekly basis. Maybe set a larger period of time once or twice a week that you can manage for yourself. If you do not set yourself into your daily, or weekly, or monthly schedule, then you will view yourself as a hindrance to accomplishing what needs to be done. By putting yourself into the schedule, you will become just as necessary as the other tasks. This is confidence building as well.
When you have your personal time, this time could be used to accomplish your personal fitness goals, or be any time for you to better yourself in some way. This may include meditating, splurging yourself maybe a few times in the year (think massage), or working out, of course.
If you feel that you need to be isolated in this time, try to make it happen. If you have kids to look after this can be difficult, but sometimes isolation can be a form of meditation, allowing you to truly be in the moment and attack your goals full throttle.
Get Someone Else InvolvedOne of the most motivating things that you should look into in the beginning process of achieving your personal fitness goals is to get someone else involved. This person may take the form of a fitness coach, or even a friend that can work out with you. In either situation, try to find a person you know will only lift you up; the last thing you need is someone negative or lazy. You need to stay motivated in this personal change, especially in the beginning when old habits have the biggest threat over your success.
Having a fitness coach is beneficial because they are professionals that could aid you in making the best decisions. Be selective though. Some trainers may emphasize certain diets or workout routines over others, and while all of these different ways of eating and working out have proven to work, they may not work for you. Some may emphasize that you eat meat when you are a vegetarian, or emphasize that you have yogurt when you are lactose intolerant. A fitness coach should be someone that can be important to you on a personal level.
Make it Advantageous Most people assume that fitness goals are advantageous, and they most likely are. Down the road, however, these goals can turn into something that actually hurts you. For example, you may have achieved your fitness goal, and are looking to keep on going. This does not sound bad at all. But sometimes, one can take it too far, becoming obsessed with the work, and at that point, the working out does nothing but hurt you. Your fitness goal should only be a positive experience that betters you. If you find that it, or your approach to it, is making you feel bad, or hurting you physically, it is time to reevaluate the process to make it only advantageous for you again. Self-reflect periodically to ensure that only the good is there. If you develop unhealthy ideas and habits from something that was only supposed to bring you healthy ideas and habits, then these fitness goals have lost their purpose.
Another way to keep your personal fitness goals a good thing is to surround yourself with the right tools. This may include getting the right fitness equipment, workout clothes, bicycle, or hiking trail that give you no excuse to not work out. Find your tools that keep you motivated and ready to continue.
Keep it Fun Unfortunately, many people look at working out as being a chore. In order to be successful, you must find some way to make it fun. Working out with a friend, or finding that perfect music playlist can be just what you need to have a blast.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bali's Adventure Dining

This island will inspire you with its never-ending list of things to do that will allow you to soak up its vibrant culture. While exploring Bali, one of the important components that define an enjoyable trip is having good food with excellent views. We highlight some of the unique restaurants around the island. From the appetizing menus with spectacular settings, the striking contemporary interiors with authentic architecture, to the warm friendly Balinese hospitality. Be sure to satisfy your palates at these restaurants while you tour the island for something different from the ordinary.

Ayung Valley
Nestled in Ayung River Valley, majestically sweeping vistas of the valley and river with stunning views of lush greenery all around, Ayung Valley Restaurant is one of the luxurious restaurants in the rural Ubud. Due to its bucolic ambience, the place is popular for wedding dinners. Nature enthusiasts are sure to enjoy a delectable meal amidst this breathtaking landscape. For guests who come from highly urbanised cities, feasting on superb dining in such an unspoiled terrain is a perfect opportunity to relieve them from the stress.
With nature literally at your doorstep and the beauty of the views purportedly unparalleled, Ayung Valley Restaurant is the place to go to for the gastronomic experience of your lifetime. International dishes served at Ayung Valley Restaurant, outperform culinary boundaries to soothe the appetites of the guests. Using only the best ingredients and cooked by professional chefs, the quality of the food is guaranteed, ensuring that your meal will be a satisfying one. 

The Royal Pita Maha
Kedewatan Village, Ubud
+62 361 980022

Bali Asli
Located in a secluded spot in the north-eastern part of the island, Bali Asli Restaurant offers majestic views of Mount Agung. Surrounded by rice fields, the setting is idyllic and one that is imbued with a sense of serenity. Bali Asli serves authentic Balinese home-style cuisine with traditional methods of cooking, like mortars, pestles, and wood-fired mud brick stoves. The freshest ingredients are only sourced from their own garden or the local market, bringing classical Balinese delicacies to satiate the taste buds of even the most discerning foodies.
The exterior of the restaurant is a stone wall with a carving of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and art. Then, a set of stairs leads you to a conventional Balinese doorway with intricately carved wooden doors, where you will find a traditional open-concept kitchen and circular with polished wood floors.
If you would like to opt for a set lunch, you get to choose from a four course or six course tasting menu with every dish freshly made from scratch. These dishes are carefully prepared by Executive Chef Penelope Williams, who apprenticed at world-renowned The Savoy in London. With stunning views of Mount Agung, Bali Asli promises an absolute divine Balinese culinary experience that will make you reminisce the good old times while you revel in tasty Balinese food!
Jalan Raya Tengading, Gelumpang Village, Amlapura

Bali Tower Resto
Located in West Bali National Park, Bali Tower Resto provides a rare opportunity to have a fancy dining from above ground and being surrounded by bountiful nature. The restaurant has an extraordinary and unique structure made from five huge logs, each 33 meters long and 80 centimetres in diameter. Perched on the second and third floor of tower logs, Bali Tower Resto offers sweeping views of the verdant valleys and the blue ocean surrounding it. The top floor viewing platform reaches over 30 metres in height, which make it the best restaurant to bear witness the magnificent Bali’s sunrise and sunset.
Specialising in Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine, with vegetarian options available, Bali Tower Resto does not have a very large variety of appetisers and main courses to choose from, but it is primarily the atmosphere that wins the hearts of the diners. The venue accentuates the importance of having a natural and relaxed getaway as a respite from the stresses of urban dwellers, while working in harmony with nature.
While tucking into dishes, gaze out of the window for the finest view of lush vegetation to please your eyes. You may watch the deer on the move in the woods and hear the occasional chirping of birds in the forest. You will luxuriate in the pleasant surroundings which seem so much like a natural paradise. Relaxing your minds amidst the beautiful and pristine environment, Bali Tower Resto welcomes you to a gastronomic experience like no other. A photo opportunity, especially at sunset, would also make the trip to this restaurant worth it.
The Menjangan
Jalan Raya Gilimanuk Singaraja, Pajarakan Village, West Bali National Park
+62 362 94700

The View
Nothing can be more enchanting than a view of dense forests, rice paddies and manicured gardens right under your nose. Roosted in the picturesque and tranquil valley of Pengosekan, overlooking lush rice paddies, The View Restaurant offers a picturesque dining experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. The ambience instantly brings a sense of tranquillity and peace, away from the hustle bustle of life. The venue is designed to make you feel an integral part of the nature.
This signature restaurant of Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa has made its mark as a creative culinary experience in Ubud, and caters an excellent local Balinese as well as international cuisine. Get closer to the nature, guests can choose to dine at the outdoor wooden deck dining area for a more relaxed and warm ambience. Embellished with beautiful gardens, you can soak in the serene atmosphere as you dine.
The location of the venue will also provide an experience that is somewhat the best of both worlds: to experience the calmness of the back deck with its spectacular views, and simultaneously, the hustle and bustle of Ubud Centre. The View in Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa promises a dining experience that you will want to come back for, particularly with its congenial surroundings and its noteworthy food. After all, that is why the restaurant is aptly named “The View”, as it is primarily the spectacular view that draws diners to this place – one that is just so alluring.
Plataran Ubud Hotel & SpaJalan Hanoman Pengosekan, Ubud
+62 361 978340

The L’ Altitude
If you love dining while getting to view nature’s ethereal beauty, you may want to consider heading to L’Altitude Restaurant in Tabanan. Just recently opened its door to the public, The L’Altitude serves both local and international cuisine using in-house grown herbs and spices from on-site rooftop garden, and locally sourced vegetables, presented in a market style display so guests can observe the preparation in the open kitchen. The restaurant combines exemplary service with fresh and organic produce sourced daily to deliver guests a quality and pleasant dining journey.
The theme of sustainability is emphasised in the restaurant’s goal to minimise harm to the environment and benefit local communities. The team of experienced chefs is led by Executive Chef Michael Deutsch, a Canadian who has a vast experience of working and using organic and sustainable produce to cook. The health-conscious will also delight in knowing that most foods here are gluten-free and low in fats, so the true essence of the flavours are naturally pure and not hidden by the use of commercial salts or refined sugar.
However, it is not only the taste and the views that should be the main reason drawing you to dine here. Rice fields, mountains, natural spring pools and Hindu temples encircle you, as you are greeted with gorgeous and picturesque views all round emblematic of rural Balinese villages.
Royal Tulip Saranam Resort & SpaJalan Raya Baturiti, Pacung, Tabanan
+62 368 21038 

Tsavo Lion
Imagine dining just metres away from the king of the jungle. Tsavo Lion offers a very unique adventure dining experience, which allows you to have such a close encounter with real wildlife. Situated in Bali Safari & Marine Park in Gianyar, this first African-themed restaurant in Asia surrounds you with lions as you feast on your meal, with only a thick glass wall separating you from their den.
Lying beneath a thatched roof top with Mount Agung visible in the distance, the restaurant’s architecture imitates that from a Kenyan lodge. With African-style interior design and music, plus brilliant lighting effects, you will feel like dining amongst the African savanna. The lions are fed not far away from the glass wall, allowing diners to view them eating and at the same time offering a rare photo opportunity.
The restaurant serves a variety of cuisine from around the globe, cooked by an experienced chef, Chef Mahadi, who has a wealth of experience from his years of work in luxury hotels in Bali and Dubai. If you opt for the standard set menu, you will enjoy roasted Foie Gras, Tasmanian salmon and lamb, accompanied with pumpkin soup and a dessert known as Sake Pasu Panacotta. However, one dish that stands out is the Crispy Duck. While dining with a glass wall separating you from lions may not come near to the authentic experience of dining in a safari camp in the open-air African savannah, it surely is a great experience and one that does not cost much. After all, you are bound to have the greatest adventurous meal of your life.
Bali Safari Marine & Park Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar
+62 361 950000

Waka Bar & Restaurant
Perched on the edge of a hill and encircled by the black sand beach, deep blue ocean as well as rice paddy fields, dining at Waka Bar & Restaurant will surely take your breath away with its stunningly scenic natural and unspoiled landscape. As you tuck into delicious Indonesian and Western dishes, you are bound to experience an inner peace – something that is hard to describe in words as you engage your senses with your surroundings. With your eyes taking in panoramic views, your ears hearing the waves crash onto the shore, your face and body feeling the freshness of the ocean air, your nose and tongue smelling and tasting all the mouth-watering food, dining there is simply magical.
If you plan to come at dinner time, consider having a live lobster candle-lit dinner specially prepared by the Corporate Executive Chef, Putu Yudana, which you need to reserve one day in advance. The restaurant also provides a vast menu of vegetarian items as well as an exclusive wine menu to choose from. To make your night more special, the mouth-watering food is served along with live music. Waka Bar & Restaurant will tantalise your taste buds and captivates you with nature’s beauty as you engage your five senses while dining in the peaceful environment.
Waka GanggaJalan Yeh Gangga, Sudimara Village, Tanah Lot, Tabanan
+62 361 484085 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Playing ground for your little ones

Parents are so busy with their work lives to keep track what their kids are up to. They need whatever help they can get to keep their brood in order and, for the most part, happy. Some of gone down the road going to any attraction sites available, jumping from one playground to another, or even looking for nannies to keep their little ones busy. But they are just not enough, knowing the fact that kids always want to do more.
Cubby House Kids Club in Canggu Club offers a safe, cosy and conducive environment where your children can have fun and learn while you do other activities. Catered to kids aged 2 to 12, the kids club offers a myriad of toys and activities that will keep your little ones occupied all day long. The place is lively, vibrant and definitely noisy, such a proper place for the kids to play, laugh and move freely. And you do not have to worry about your kids' safety as they are in the safe hands. Children from 2 to 4 years old are watched over by responsible, friendly and reliable English-speaking staff (caregivers) of the club. Please be advised that parents and nannies are not allowed to enter the area, unless your kid is under 2 years old.
There is a unique space dedicated to children of a certain age range. While being monitored by attentive caregivers, the very young children (aged 2 to 4) have a special space where they can read stories. If your kid is the hyperactive type who cannot sit still or prefers to move around, soft tunnels are available for him/her to crawl through. Toddlers seeking intellectual stimulation can also play Lego or blocks, triggering their brain to be more creative. Toy racing cars are also an alternative activity to keep them busy.
Technology savvy kids, particularly those with some elementary education, get to enjoy the use of the Nintendo Wii to play various famous handheld games. Mac Computers are also provided for them to surf the internet, watch videos or play online games. You can join the movie session at the movie theatre.
Children who do not have a penchant for gaming can immerse themselves in books available in the library. Alternatively, those who are more artsy in nature can let their creative juices flow by doing hands-on at the arts and crafts area. For the girls, who are into dolls and fashions, dressing up doll houses can definitely be a perfect spot for them to hang around.
Older children are treated differently, especially for those with the “outdoor” type and love sports. The kids club boasts two undercover outdoor play areas which offer a wide range of outdoor activities. One is meant for kids who are much older (near 12 years old) due to the intensity of the activities, like air hockey and basketball. Kids who need some physical activity to get their daily dose of adrenaline rush will enjoy the outdoor areas, which allow them to sweat it out.
Of course, what is a kids’ club without meals being provided, especially after a great physical workout or to act as energy boosters for the kids to play? The kid’s menu offers a number of healthy dining options which are mostly Western dishes. Then, your kids can quench their thirst with cold juices or soft drinks alongside their main course. Ice cream is available as an indulgence to wrap up the entire meal. After all, which kid does not like to satisfy his/her sweet tooth?
With all the mentioned facilities and services provided, the entrance to the club is relatively affordable at IDR140,000++ for a 2-hour casual pass. If you intend to bring your kid frequently, there is more to rejoice. A Super Fun Pass can be purchased for just IDR1,200,000++, allowing 10 visits of up to 4 hours each time.
Cubby House Kids Club at Canggu Club promises a satisfying experience for your kids. While you spend some quality time with yourself doing a spa or massage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your little ones are safe and engaging in meaningful activities.

Cubby House Kids Club
Canggu Club, Jalan Canggu Club, Canggu,
+62 848 3939

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beat the heat with a perfect healthy summer drink!

Hot days only mean one thing, cold drinks! During summer, it is almost a necessity to cool our body from the inside out, and that means tons of cold glasses of water! Ice water, obviously, the first summer drink that pops up in our head that keep our body, skin and mind healthy. However, while pure water with heaps of ice is a total breeze, sometimes we want to taste a little flavor in our refreshment. It is easy to get some cold cocktails, but those are not the option when it comes to healthy summer drinks. Try some of these healthy, cooling, summer drinks instead!

Cucumber Mint Water – serving this drink is quite easy, all you need is a few slices of cucumber and a mint sprig and that’s it. Put those into your half-full of water, add a handful of ice if necessary, stir, and sip!

Watermelon Juice – based on research, consuming watermelon regularly helps you lose weight because more than 90% from a watermelon is water. To enjoy it during summer time, you can serve it in a traditional way, or add mint leaves and rock salt to reduce the sweet taste.

Mango milkshake – this refreshment is quite popular among little kids. The combination of mango and milk in your drink will create a super yummy summer drink. Some of the benefits are controlling blood pressure, increasing one’s immunity and preventing anemia.

Sugarcane juice – rich in potassium, antioxidants, glucose, magnesium and calcium, drinking sugarcane prevents a heatstroke and also helps to fight infections. To make it fresh, make sure to serve it with ice.

Iced Ginger Tea with Lemon – much better to serve it in a pitcher. Simply boil enough water and pour over large bowl with enough bags of ginger tea. Steep for around 15 or 20 minutes, then remove the bags and pour it into a pitcher full of ice and lemons.

Coconut water – one of the famous drinks in Asia, coconut water provides so many nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins, zero cholesterol and also a diuretic, which can help someone to recover someone from diarrhea. There are 2 ways to drink it; pour the coconut water into a glass of ice or pour a handful of ice to the coconut fruit. Either way, it is going to be the best summer drink on the island.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Restoring Sight to The Blind

One of the critical problems directly associated with poverty that is facing Indonesia is blindness due to development of cataracts. Around three million Indonesians are affected by this – not just a dimming of their vision, but actual blindness. This means that the cataracts have developed to such an extent that they are actually blocking the vision completely – not a common situation in the western world where cataracts are dealt with in the early stages of their progress.
Imagine how a person living in a remote village where people survive by subsistence farming lives day-to-day – if it is an older person, he or she would just sit, virtually waiting to die, unable to move about much, totally reliant on their family members for the simplest tasks. A younger person would have their life curtailed dramatically, unable to progress at school, having no hope of finding a job, unable to help their family in the fields, unlikely to marry and raise a family – a person without a future in this culture.
Cataract blindness is totally curable! A simple operation where the cataract lens is extracted and replaced by a new plastic lens takes just around 20 minutes. The day after the operation, the person can see through the operated eye, even if they have been blind for many years.
The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) is an Australian-registered NGO based in Bali, whose mission is to identify and operate as many of Indonesian’s cataract blind as it can. Its experienced team of ophthalmologists, nurses, technicians and support personnel travel to villages around Bali screening village people who present with eye problems, providing glasses to those who need them and eye drops to those with infections, and identifying those who are blind with cataracts. With the team travels a mobile operating theater, and the cataract blind are operated then and there in their village in a safe, sterile ophthalmic theater.
All services provided by JFF are free for the poor, including cataract surgery. To reach communities off-shore from Bali and on more remote islands, JFF’s mobile eye clinic and team, in a unique partnership with the Indonesian Air Force, are transported by C130 Hercules plane. Air Force ophthalmologists work with the JFF team to operate the blind, sometimes as many as 300 in one single trip.
However, cataract operations don’t come cheap, and quality of service is of paramount importance to the Foundation. In 25 years, JFF has given 48,000 Indonesians the free gift of sight. With over three million cataract blind people, most of them in the lower sociology-economic group, there is still a long way to go and a huge challenge ahead.
JFF is planning to significantly increase its output of cataract surgeries by partnering with private ophthalmic outreach clinics across Indonesia. With sufficient funds, JFF could reach even more in need and increase its annual output from around 2,500 to over 10,000 operations. Your contribution is needed. This would make a difference to their lives!
Online donations at are tax-deductible in Australia. For tax deductible in the UK and USA, see the JFF website.

Jalan Pengembak 16, Blanjong, Sanur
Phone: +62 361 270812

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Courtesy of Lake Tamblingan

Lake Buyan is closely related to Lake Tamblingan in terms of location and ecosystem, and therefore both lakes are generally referred to as Bali Twin Lake. An interesting fact is that Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan used to be one whole lake until a landslide separated them in around the year 1800. Now they are separated by almost 2 kilometers wide of narrow ridges.
Lake Tamblingan seems to exude a mystical appeal and charm, with some regarding it as having the most unspoiled natural scenery as compared to Lake Bratan or Lake Buyan. The lake is located in the heart of Bali’s farming area and the slopes are covered with coffee plantations, vegetable fields and rice paddies. Its official location is on the north slope of Mount Lesung, Munduk Village area, District of Banjar, Buleleng Regency, about 3 hours from Denpasar. You will have the best experience while driving to this place with the cool wind blowing on your face and the feeling of pure, clean air all around you. It is advisable to pull over for a few photographs or have a small picnic on the roadside.
The entire lake area is a protected land within the 4356-acre Batukaru Nature Reserve, which is a major reason that both Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan have become increasingly popular with mountain trekkers, adventure seekers, bird watchers and Eco-tourists. And since the lake is located at such great heights, you will find that it is mostly covered in fog to cast a beautiful spell on the tourists. The depth of the water and reflection of the surrounding trees makes you witness some of the best shades of blue, green and grey all at the same time. The scenic beauty is just like a palette of colors.
Though motorized boating is not available on this lake, you can rent row boats or bring along your kayaks for exploring the water. Fishing is also permitted. You can opt for a jungle tour, which involves crossing the sacred Tamblingan Lake by old-style hollow canoes. Near Lake Tamblingan, visitors can perform activities, like trekking in the tropical forest with a variety of distances, ranging from 2 to 8 hours of trip. The idea is to spend quality time in and around the lake, and absorb its breathtaking beauty.
There are a few sights worth visiting in the vicinity of the lake. Numerous temples can be found on the outskirts of Lake Tamblingan, and the most popular one is Gubug Temple. This water temple, that use the traditional ‘Subak’ irrigation system at the edge of the lake, is a must visit place if you are around the neighborhood. It retains much of the architectural design, as Ulun Danu Temple, but is less crowded, offering you good photo-taking opportunities.
If you plan to explore the real Bali a bit more, these four lakes offer you some interesting stories behind it. Alternatively, you can always nourish your soul in the stunning scenery, relax at the lakeside hot springs, stroll in the beautiful local villages, take a tour of the exotic plantations, or camp in the mountains and dense jungles. Very rightly said, that Bali is a true treasure trove of natural beauty.