Monday, October 31, 2016

Escaping the Egyptians with Totem Room Escape

“Slaves of Egypt, you are buried forever in this Dark Pharaoh Ancient Tomb, there is no way to escape... Except…” Yes, this is an adventure game; a rare and very interesting one. If you are running out of idea of where to take your kids on a fun day trip during weekend, you should consider this venue with its fun activity. Take a momentarily break from the typical island attraction and get ready to enter into a world of nerve-wrecking mystery. 

Kids by nature are adventurous and curious creatures. They have a wild sense of imagination and are outright daring. Their minds are always ready for a challenge. For this reason, Totem Room Escape is the perfect place for them. However, this fun place is not limited to kids interest only. Adults can also have their sense of adventure and curiosity at the same level as the kids. At the end of the day, everyone will have a good time in this place.

Originally founded in Jakarta, Totem Room Escape is the first and the biggest reality room escapes game in Indonesia. Here, puzzles are mixed with high tech gadgets, enclosed in themed decorated rooms to provide you an unexpected experience. This is an exciting indoor adventure which requires participants to stretch their imagination beyond level and use their problem solving skills to escape a series of rooms, while the clock ticks away. Children and parents both will be put to test, and only the best will survive. It is a total family entertainer. The steps to play the game are very simple. Make a team of minimum 2 persons and choose your challenge room. You only have 50 minutes to escape from the challenge room. 

Totem Room Escape offers four challenge rooms to choose from. Though equally intriguing and stimulating, the difficulty level of each room is different. The four challenge rooms are “Locked in Darkland”, “Egyptian Secret”, “Mission Impossible”, and “Kidnapped” in ascending order of difficulty level. It is recommended that you do not play these games in case you suffer from Nyctophobia or Claustrophobia. The Egyptian Secret is particularly famous among the kids and appropriate for them. But, by all means continue to the higher level once you have crossed this one.

Initially, you will initially be taken to a video room where the game master will explain to you the rules of the games. You are not allowed to carry anything to the room. You need to keep your bag, wallet, phone and camera in a locker provided. You may need to choose a group leader who will be the first to enter the room. The foot gets automatically locked with a padlock. Now, the clue to open the lock of the group leader lies in the room. You need to find it and open the lock of the leader. Once the leader is free, he goes on to finding the other clues/keys to free his teammates. But since the room is super dark and you are only provided with a very small torch, finding the key quickly is a challenge. 

As the game is Egyptian Secret, you will strongly feel the Egyptian ambience around you. A coffin is placed in the last room with a mummy inside. The floor is covered with a lot of sand, which makes you feel that you are in the Egyptian desert. Treasure chests make you believe that you are in a land of gold and jewels. The background score and the dim lighting is quite spooky, making you feel a little scared and successfully distracting you from finding the keys. Choose to use your clues wisely, not many at a time because in case you successfully escape this room, you would need the remaining clues to play the other levels. Please note that all the clues are in English, and therefore kids might require more time to understand the puzzles.

Totem Room Escape is a fulfilling experience for your family. You get to exercise your brain and learn a lot about teamwork. It is a good change for kids, who nowadays are glued onto their mobiles phones and iPads playing meaningless games. With Totem Room Escape, kids are actually put into the heart of adventure. It is both enjoyable as well as a learning experience for them. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you manage to escape the room, because at the end of the day what matter is everyone is having a great time inside the room.
Jalan Kayu Aya 27 (near Seminyak Square, landmark Starbucks)

This article is published on September issue of NOW! Bali Magazine