Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Think I'll Try Defying Gravity --- Courtesy of Canggu Club

Bali now offers a brand new adrenaline charged concept in fun and fitness with Bounce Trampoline Center, the first of its kind in Indonesia!

Trampolining is the new high octane exercise phenomenon taking the world by storm with centres springing up across Australia, the UK, United States and Europe. Bounce Bali, located at the New Canggu Club, is the first of its kind in Indonesia and offers the opportunity to engage in gravity defying, airborne acrobatic antics in a completely safe and controlled environment.

As well as being a barrel of fun, the health benefits of this relatively new craze have been well documented with experts suggesting bouncers can burn up to 600 calories in a one hour session! Trampolining provides opportunities for skill development, core training and a fat burning cardio workout without even knowing it! It is proven to be beneficial for balance and coordination, core strength and general fitness with the added bonus of low impact exercise; the trampoline reducing eighty percent of force on contact, resulting in less stress on bones and joints. A study by NASA discovered that just ten minutes on a trampoline provided a more effective cardio workout than over thirty minutes of running. Now THAT'S my kind of workout!

The main free style arena at Bounce Bali comprises twenty five interconnected, framed and spring loaded trampolines, completely covered with two inch foam pads to ensure there are no hard surfaces and for added safety. Padding lines the walls for those who wish to 'walk on air' and numbers are limited to one person at a time per individual trampoline in order to promote safe jumping and minimize any risk of injury.

Another smaller arena of twelve mini tramps provides an opportunity for games of six a side dodge ball along with two more basketball hoops for slam dunk competitions. As if that isn't enough to get the adrenaline going, angled ramps have been installed in order to practice back flips, front flips and any kind of aerial maneuver imaginable!

The final third of the activity center contains three trampoline paths leading to a massive pit containing no less than 5000 cubic meters of foam. Bouncers are encouraged to use the paths to gain momentum before launching themselves into the pit for a soft and safe landing. The elite performance tramps in the furthest corner of the Bounce arena will delight gymnastics enthusiasts and those with more advanced acrobatic skills as these trampolines generate more air time, enabling experienced jumpers to complete aerial flips and gravity defying trick sequences adjacent to a foam wall built especially for bouncing onto and practicing your vertical walking skills. In this high octane, aerial arena the wall becomes the floor and the rules of gravity need not apply!

Situated within a brand new, fully air conditioned complex, Bounce Bali is open from 9am – 10pm Sunday to Thursday and 9am – Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Whether you are 6 or 65, age is not an issue as Bounce welcomes participants of any vintage to test their skills. Whilst the trampolines are open to free styling fun, classes are available if you are only beginning to Bounce and there is also an advanced class for those 'Tigers' with more gymnastic experience!

Not interested in taking to the tramps yourself? Observers can watch all of the excitement in cool comfort from the elevated viewing area and enjoy a range of tasty snacks and icy beverages from Strike Bar's extensive menu while perusing the play area below. Take advantage of Happy Hour prices from 5pm daily and make an afternoon of it with a few free games of pool on the billiard tables, or get a group together, grab a lane and take down some pins at Strike Ten Pin Bowling.
Whether you are aiming for exercise or simply an hour to flip out with some aerial antics, Bounce Bali promises a great experience for any age and ability and is guaranteed to satisfy hard core adrenalin junkies and expend the energy of action hungry adolescents. For the purposes of active entertainment or an intense fitness workout, Bounce Bali is Indonesia's number one for the new craze in trampolining fun.