Thursday, July 14, 2016

The culture and philosophy of Indonesian tradition

The culture of Indonesia has been molded after multiple foreign influences and with long interaction from original indigenous societies. Indonesia is geographically centrally located following antique trade pathways between the East, South-East Asia and the West, which has resulted in many cultural traditions and with strong influence from a plethora of different eastern philosophies, such as: including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and Christianity, with a stronghold in the ancient capital cities. The resulting mix are complex arts and crafts artifacts which are nowadays preserved by activities, workshops and tour destination organized by Bali Cultural Center as a mixture of different painting technique classes taught by indigenous people to tourists.
Examples of this cultural synthesis could be experienced in Bali Cultural Center handicrafts workshops, such as painting on unusual kind of materials, as egg, mask or batik painting, by homemade tools,which depicts natural themes, or stories about ancient kingdoms. Moreover, traditional handicraft painting, music and dance are fused in an exquisite workshop program, with natural materials and subtle tools made of wood and textile. Painting can be done with many types of dye and wax on cotton, silk and other natural fabrics.

Therefore, if you would like to know better or learn ancient, subtle techniques of Bali classic handicrafts and various paintings, in the peaceful and serene atmosphere,all you need to do is to choose and sign up for any of the Balinese Cultures workshops. Every guest will involve him or herself in a very unique and impressive experience by learning the ancient painting techniques and the diverse activities which is directed by friendly staff. There following workshops available are Boomerang Painting, Egg Painting, Mask Painting and Batik Painting.

If you go to the workshop for boomerang painting situated in the adjacent room to the entrance, you will be able to learn how to decorate the ancient tool of boomerang going back to 40,000 years ago. Workshop participants paint motifs and design separate painting techniques refining them till they reach the finished product. The most common themes are usually the nature: flower, bird, landscape or geometrical patterns. Egg painting is the new trend of where themes and patterns are painted by the ink, while eggs painted are actually empty.
Batik preserves modern process for making designs on textiles, by using uses wax for blank areas in the dyed fabric with complex multicolored designs. Here are some testimonials from batik workshop participants:“The Batik painting workshops that I was taught in Bali Cultural Center are fun, friendly and amazing. Before I came to this place I didn't know anything about Batik, and it opened a whole new wonderful world of modern Batik for me. At BCC they taught us a lot about traditional batik, and his own spin on it to make modern Batik, which is a combination of waxing, dying, and inking, making it a very a unique process. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to learn this technique from such batik masters.I really hope to try other handicraft workshops in the future and I would recommend it to all my friends and family.”

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