Friday, July 1, 2016

Entering the realm of the island water activities

There is no shortage of experiences to seek out while traveling in Bali, and the island certainly isn’t lacking of a comprehensive range of marine activities. Whether it is just simply a relaxing swim on the beach or even dancing with the shark in the ocean wild, sometimes it is tough to figure out which experience is right for you. The key is to push out of your comfort zone and discover a true meaning of traveling by having once in a lifetime experience. Perhaps you could find these appealing water activities to your inner sense of adventure.

Surfing still remains as the prime water activity in Bali because of the waves in this island are challenging, which make them a perfect fit between fun and precarious that will pump up your adrenaline to its maximum limit. Internationally known for its perfect waves, surfing in Bali offers the chance to ride and conquer the high waves while at the same time enjoying the perfect sun. For the first timer, be prepared to get your body sores.

The stand-up paddle is another way to enjoy the waves. Paddle boards are specially designed to support your weight and their large size makes it easy for you to cruise through the waves safely and at the speed that you desire. Here, you get to control your movement and work out a little. Larger than the regular surf board, the paddles allow you to ride over the equally larger swells. This is definitely something that you could get addicted to. Seeming a little complicated at the beginning, but it only needs to get used to and you will have another cool way to sightsee or enjoy the beautiful ocean of Bali.

How about doing yoga on the stand-up paddle board? Your mat is a stand up paddle board while the world is your studio. The combination of sun, wind and water adds a unique sensation of balancing your body and adapting to the motion of the board beneath you. Stand-up Paddle Yoga will teach you to breathe properly, sync your mind and at the same time build your stability.

Kitesurfing is not very popular in Bali, but this new sort of extreme sport is becoming quite popular in the western countries these days. It is actually like regular surfing, only that a kite is added to the equation, which allows you to fly over those complicated waves that you cannot easily ride over. Kite flying by itself is already exciting enough, but when you combine it with another sport, it is going to be explosive. This water sport combines wake boarding with surfing, so in essence you get two water activities for one price. That's nice, don't you think?

If you enjoy something a bit faster to trigger a little bit of adrenaline, you might want to try fly boarding. This water activity allows you to actually fly across Bali coastline. All you have to do is strap on the kit and off you go. The instructors will of course have to take you through how the controls work, but after that, you will be on your own and free to enjoy the ride. The devices attached to your body can move you in any direction you want and lift you up in a stationary position, all aimed at ensuring your maximum satisfaction.

Now, this next water activity feels like taking you back in time when you wish you could ride your bicycle above the skies. Jetovator is the new thing to be ridden above Bali beaches. This water sport accessory extends the ability of a normal jet ski and redirects the water thrust from the jet unit to the Jetovator body. It’s like defying gravity by balancing on a water bike powered by jet skis.  You can take the Jetovator through the air in comfort for long distances. Or, for skilled riders, you can go under water for a few seconds before creating some awesome tricks in the air. Don’t worry if it’s your first time because the machine is incredibly easy to ride. Simply grab your controls, find your balance, and that’s it. You will have an excellent view of Bali’s clear skies, riding your water propelled bike.

Next up, the real experience that you doubtlessly don’t want to miss. The Seabreacher will take you to dive a few feet under water before breach the water surface and launch the entire vessel 6 meters in the air. Using a supercharged engine that will put you in high speed, this aggressive shark style hydrodynamics boat will certainly get your heart pumping. For those who wants to soar in the air while gliding over Bali’s blue waters, take your time to experience the most exhilarating water activity adventure and live in a unique moment full of adrenaline.

One of the oldest water activities that has been enjoyed by generations of human is fishing. No matter what age you are, this relaxing sport never seems to get old. It relaxes the brain and at the same time excites you when a fish is finally caught. The best thing about fishing is that you can make it as much fun as you want it to be. It could be a way for the entire family to enjoy together or the time when you need to be with yourself. While fishing gives your body some fresh air, the fish itself will supply the Vitamin D.

If you love to watch the marine life in its natural habitat, you should try snorkelling. This water sport allows you to see a glimpse of underwater life, without the need to carry a heavy oxygen tank on your back or have any special training, definitely fit for everyone. A professional guide to ensure your safety is available at most of the touristy areas, but for sure you can carry your own gear and off you go to see the beautiful coral reefs! Most of these sites in Bali can easily be safely accessed for this activity.

And if you want to explore deeper into the Indian Ocean, to get the wonderful experience of swimming with the fish and other sea creatures, then diving is what you need. Armed with safety gadgets and accompanied by experienced divers, you will get to look at the deep blue sea in a whole new light. Getting to see the fish from the biggest to the smallest in their natural habitat is unlike any other experience. The guides will not only watch over you, but will also hand you fish feed to attract the fish. Get to see the different types of fish that you have read about.

Speaking about swimming with fish, how do you feel about swim with the shark? Of course, some of you will think twice to be around sharks. However, being human, many people cannot help to be curious as to what it would feel to be close to this amazing, yet scary beast. This is what this activity will do for you, the possibility to be nose to nose with these deadly giants, yet be safe at the same time. The adrenaline thrill is amazing and it is also a once in a lifetime experience. This is completely safe though, as the instructions will be given before you go off swimming. If you say you are an adrenaline junkie, this is definitely something to get your fix.

With so many water sport activities to choose from, there are more than one way to enjoy the water activity in Bali. Even when you cannot swim, there are definitely heap of things to do in Bali. All you have to do is choose and let the fun begin.

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