Saturday, June 4, 2016

Courtesy of The Leaf Jimbaran - Improve Your Health During Holiday with Healthy Drinking Selection

Drink is one of the most crucial aspects during traveling that we should take seriously. Ongoing research states that 80% of travel-related illnesses are caused by unhealthy drinking water. It is our job to ensure whether or not the drinks around us is safe to consume.

The fact that the water systems in many countries do not purify water adequately to ensure it is safe to drink, most of the travelers go to the safest choice by consuming soft drinks or sodas. While soda is calorie-free, but it actually will put them at high risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Now, who wants to experience such diseases during holiday?
Here are some healthy drinking beverages that will safe you from diseases and at the same time improve your health while you are on vacation.
1.    Green Tea
This beverage contains a rich concentration that may protect cells from the inhibit tumor growth by helping to neutralize free radicals in the body, and at the same time guard against heart disease by relaxing blood vessels. Most of 5-star hotels/villas serve Green Tea during breakfast and/or provide it in the guest room.
2.    Soy Milk
Soy milk contains some ingredients which lowers cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not all 5-star hotels/villas in Bali prepare this healthy drinking selection for guest, but they normally store Soy Milk in the kitchen.
3.    Hot Chocolate
Consuming chocolate regularly helps to improve one’s mood and protect against heart disease. This is not a fancy healthy drink, and therefore you can find it everywhere.
4.    Orange Juice
Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C, and it will boost up the immunity of your body. Drinking Orange juice every day will protect against a variety of diseases including cataracts and lung cancer. You can find this type of healthy drink even in the small stalls.
5.    Sparkling water with a splash of juice
You can serve Sparkling Juices on your own. All you need to prepare is sparkling water and just an ounce of juice. For additional flavor, add sliced citrus or fresh herbs like mint.
6.    Fresh Ginger Beer Recipe
For those who consume beer regularly, Ginger Beer is an alternative you may want to consider. It is a mixture of sparkling water, lime juice and fresh ginger. So Ginger Beer is definitely not an alcoholic beer. Ginger has been used for years to fight against stomach aches and morning sickness, one of the reasons why you need to drink this after last night’s hangover.
There are so many other healthy drinks available in hotels/villas, and you may want to ask the staff about the type of healthy drinking choices they store in the kitchen. Just remember, what you drink makes more difference than you think!