Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Courtesy of Eco Energi Lestari

Eco Energi Lestari is one of the companies that deals with solar systems in Bali. However, before we dive more into this company, I believe it is best that we first understand what a solar system is. The easiest way to define solar system is that it is a mechanism of harvesting energy from the sun. In essence, solar systems allow us to harvest solar energy. Solar power is like any other form of power and it can allow us to do things that normal electricity would, and has a number of advantages which is probably why it is getting popular these days. The biggest advantage of solar systems is the fact that they provide reliable energy, because the sun is always there and absolutely reliable, regardless of the part of the world we live in. The other big advantage is that it is cost effective. Solar system saves tons of money. Once you have procured your system, you are assured of energy for a very long time. The best thing about this system is that it gives energy independence. We do not have to rely on energy companies, such as PLN,to supply electricity. Once you have the system installed, the energy will be all yours and no other person can monopolize it.

Truth be told, the advantages of a solar system cannot be depleted, which is probably why the Bali provincial government resolved that the province’s target for the next five years would be to use renewable energy. By renewable energy means a number of energy sources, one of which is solar energy. The government saw the many uses of solar energy in today’s economy and thought that it would be an added bonus for its people to take advantage of this rich energy source. In October 2015, the Bali governor stated that all construction and development in Bali would be based on sustainable and renewable energy. From the time this announcement was made, Bali became an ideal market for solar energy, and investors knew that it was fertile ground for start-up companies that supplied solar systems. From the announcement, Bali has seen an increase in the number of solar system companies operated from outside of the island. However, though the market for solar systems in Bali is present, not many locals are daring enough to take on this venture, which is what makes Eco Energi Lestari much more special than all the other companies controlled by foreigners.

Founded in February 2016 and with just a few competitors on the island, it is clear that Eco Energi Lestari is one of the first companies to bring solar systems to Bali. The main idea behind this company is to save the earth and at the same time saving money, which is not a common thing to see in today’s world. From the government’s October announcement, many people saw this as an opportunity to make money off the Balinese, which was not what the government intended. However, Eco Energi Lestari saw it as an opportunity to save the earth and preserve the beauty of the island. The company supplies and installs the latest solar technology for the companies and properties in Bali and the neighboring islands, and across Indonesia. They supply items like pool pumps and solar inverter air conditioners that are top notch quality and absolutely efficient. As the company’s mission is to save both money and the earth at the same time,their products and services are affordable and suitable for the people of Bali. Being a local company, Eco Energi Lestari truly does know how to reduce the electricity bills and organize it with the biggest energy company in Indonesia, PLN.

It is often hard to talk about a company without talking about the brain behind the concept. The company was founded by a local Javanese woman and had what many refer to as a brilliant concept. It takes a very special woman to enter into a business with tough competition and with people who have tons of expertise in that particular field. Though she did not have such expertise, she had the passion and the vision to make this company what it is today. Her vision is simply to make Bali survive for many generations to come and keep the money to support the locals for other projects. As a single mother, Eerma Lestari as the founder of Eco Energi Lestari wanted to make the earth safe for her children by conserving the land that she lives on. One of the challenges she faced in running this company is the narrow-minded impression from people that often women are not taken as seriously in business, and it gets even worse when you are venturing into a business that is filled with experts. Without hard work and resolve, it would definitely have been hard for this local Javanese woman to succeed in the solar system world.

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