Saturday, June 4, 2016

Courtesy of The Leaf Jimbaran - Create a Memorable and Distinguished Epicure Experience

Every once in a while you need a vacation to relax and see what else this lovely island has to offer. What you see every day is not enough, knowing Bali has a lot on the table. The trick is to choose a destination based on what you love the most. Whether it is a day spa treatment in Ubud, crazy shopping in Denpasar,or beaches hopping in the south of the island, what matters is where you choose to enjoy your holiday. From invigorating excitement to soothing relaxation, you can experience the magical events in this island. Having such facts, this week, let me take you to an awesome Jimbaran experience with its newest culinary journey.

Situated idyllically within an easy reach from the legendary white sandy beach of Jimbaran, Sattvic Restaurant is located on the second floor of The Leaf Jimbaran. This fine dining establishment serves the healthiest food in Jimbaran area. Proudly present the famous television celebrity in the USA, Chef Daniel Green – as the brain who delivers the healthy recipes, Sattvic Restaurant will shape your experience with local food which is market-inspired, intensely seasonal and engineered, to supply your body and mind all the healthy ingredients.

The Leaf Jimbaran’s dining menu brings beauty and harmony to your taste buds; not at the expense of your metabolism, but to its favor. The concept and philosophy of the menu are supplying primal, powerful, nourishing, healthy food that made succulent. There is no greasy excess on the menu either; it’s clean and fresh, which makes the small touches of opulence all the more indulgent. Paleo regime is restraint and simplicity at its best – your attention is allowed to linger on the freshness and sweet flesh of the meat, the perfume of the lemon and the vegetal balance of the greens. The next thing you know is the silence, as forks go to the food and food goes into mouths, as well as suddenly you start nodding and chirping, staring at the cooks who suddenly might as well be magicians.

With such impeccable attention to detail lavished on everything, from the outstanding menus, to the flawless service, immaculate linens and perfectly polished tableware, Sattvic Restaurant will be Jimbaran’s most talked about, and at the same time be your perfect Jimbaran experience.