Thursday, November 26, 2015

Courtesy of Chapung SeBali Resort and Spa

Blending with the true nature – Make every second counts
The first time I set foot on Ubud 5 years ago, I was filled with wonder and inquisition as to how such serenity prevailed on mother earth. Things indeed changed a lot at this part of the island, but one thing that still hasn’t, though, the freshness air that warmly welcomed me last week when I travelled there. As I strolled down the path leading to Chapung SeBali Resort and Spa where I have booked for a night, I knew I was taking my family to experience something different.
Chapung Sebali Resort and Spa allowed me to experience the richness of Bali’s natural resources through the exquisiteness of breathtaking scenery. Discovering Indonesian culture and environment while relaxing is definitely the most rewarding treat that I can give to my loved ones. I have to admit that the property itself has a lot to offer, not only for physical and intellectual value but also for my eyes.

As I waltzed through the huge wood door into the matchless oasis of tranquility, the spacious living room greeted saying “Welcome Home”. The exquisite luminance from the sun and musical instrument of the wild birds made me feel as if God was bestowing the wisdom of life. Private swimming pool awaited us next to the –full of lush natural surrounding– garden. I imagined myself taking a dip, lolling under the warm sun on the outdoor chaise lounges and poolside chairs. So I finally sat there, on the garden seats, and basking on the hot sunlight with my wife. Systemically and periodically, we glanced at each other and then appreciated our lovely daughters enjoying their time in the pool.

The two aesthetically rooms are designed with masterly artwork in mind. The dining room and living area were overlooking a stunning scenery filled with fresh flowers and lush greenery. It was as if we were overlooking the Garden of Eden. As I noticed the quality of the furniture, they were world class furniture made from hardwood with splendid artistic designs. In a nutshell, all the designs featured things that were a real feast for our eyes and the environment, a real definition of tranquility. The comfort of the sofa and the pleasing warmth had their effect on me, and I was dozing off before long.
In the early morning, we decided to try the unique healing yoga. The instructor was a professional yoga guru who showed us the way to the eternal bliss. That’s the most wonderful thing anyone can experience in their life. The yoga was not just a set of physical movements, but more to a deep meditation which connected our soul and the physique. An attractive garden view certainly added a therapeutic essence and helped in our path to eternal happiness. Personally for me, that was a moment of family bonding end up being.

Referring to the famous quote by Carl Sagan “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere,” It’s not enough to live on to your imagination only. We all deserve a life changing treat.

Chapung SeBali Resort and Spa
Jl. Raya Sebali – 80561 Keliki, Ubud, Bali
Phone: +62 361 8989102