Thursday, November 26, 2015

Courtesy of Hotel Tugu Bali

Make your rainy seasons interesting by taking cooking classes 

Taking a cooking class as an indoor activity is sometimes easy to do. You just have to know where to look. Look around the area where you’re staying at and you might be surprised there’s one going on right now. We don’t always have to go outside for fun and adventure. Cooking is an adventure of its own. A cooking class helps you understand why you need to cook healthy dishes. It gives your meals a new meaning to the word food. You are what you eat.
The famous Spanish Chef, Ferran AdriĆ , once said that “You cannot get an influence from the cuisine of a country if you don’t understand it. You’ve got to study it.” Different cuisines around the whole world have a history attached to them. Just like many countries in the world, Indonesia happens to be blessed with rich history, traditions, arts and cultures and the various culinary are part of this wide scope of wealth.
Hotel Tugu Bali is one of the perfect places to study the countries’ cuisines. Not just the fact they have cooking lesson as hotel’s activity, but also getting a unique experience where centuries year-old tradition Javanese and Bahasa Indonesia culinary arts are on display is something that you definitely want to experience. It will open the doors to a glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and the exotic richness of Indonesian dining and cooking culture.
The classes are held by their high-qualified-sixty-year-old Indonesian chef, who dedicated her life to the hotel since ages ago. The cooking journey begins with an early morning visit to a Balinese traditional market where all the freshest ingredients of the archipelago of islands can be found amidst the daily bustle of modern day market life. While gathering the ingredients for the cooking class, guests will be involved in and experience firsthand in the Balinese way of daily living, the jovial and sometimes noisy bargaining style of the vendors and buyers.
Once all set, now it’s time to cook! Each spice has a story, each herb has a fragrance and when combined with meats and vegetables they turn into a medley of culture and history. Each bite becomes a memory of something you created, for every time you create that dish, it is something you will remember forever. Each dish you create is a testament to the oral history of the cook.
The chef and her assistant will guide you through the entire process of the cooking. Thus, worry not on how your dishes are going to end up. They are going to be succulent. Have faith on yourself. 
When the dishes were finally ready to serve, I got really excited. I was going to share my creation; giving a part of me to someone else. As the guests took their first bite, I could almost feel their reaction. That smile, the kind words, the empty plate were a vindication to your prowess as a chef. The second rhea ask for seconds is a climax of joy and excitement. A testament that you learned a new dish, you are a creator of something magical, food.

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