Thursday, November 26, 2015

Courtesy of Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa

The romantic attainment of peacefulness in Nusa Dua
A night out with your wife is truly romantic in a stunning resort such as Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa. On booking into the place, we realized that not only were we going to enjoy our time in their one-bedroom pool villa, but we would also enjoy the 24-hour open amenities within the resort. The welcoming environment we encountered not only made as secure but the azure pool also made us to feel at home. Immaculate and luxurious, the villa cannot be faulted in anyway.

As soon as we waltzed into the main entrance, their friendly and experienced staff catered our individual needs. While the staff directed us to our new “home”, I was amazed to see a soothing ambience around me. Inside the villa, the one bedroom that we stayed was a real luxury. A stunning swimming pool complete with timber deck welcomed us along the gorgeous teakwood floors. I didn’t know that the sense of tranquility I was experiencing was just the tip of an iceberg. Much more was still to come. With a private pool and spacious outdoor and indoor dining and living areas, I can visualized the romantic moments I was about to experience with my wife. There is nothing as rejuvenating as a romantic time with your loved one. As we were lying and playing around our space side by side and staring at each other, we just felt like we were somewhere outside the universe. We felt the solidity of a family within this hidden, treasured haven of tranquility. Awarta seemed teaching us that the real sense of romance revolves around this small but beautiful haven.
The villa was beautifully designed with the up-to-date amenities fixed all over. The mixture of modern Chinese–European cultures in design, comfort, facilities and food come together to create a blend of quality and opulence. New style furnishings and neoteric Asian d├ęcor complemented by unique pieces of art displayed beautifully in every corner of the villa; elevate the lavish and flexible spaces beyond the predictable. Glass sliding door on the upper level led us to the private balcony overlooking the pool and clear horizon, allow us to wake up in the morning and feel freshness of the day. Lying motionless on the pool sightseeing the shooting star on the lovely ambience of the evening is highly recommended. The enthralling of moonlight reflection in the swimming pool amongst the heavenly surroundings will create the attainment of peacefulness and make your heart racing to feel the exhilaration.
In my personal perspective, Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa has been designed in the abstract way of understanding to dazzle every living soul. Guaranteed to provide services demanded by five-star hotel guests, their discreet yet attentive service of staff will take care of every need to provide guests with the comfort, luxury and personal services that make your holiday memorable. As for me personally, staying in Awarta is the moment when all the troubles back home burst out of inside me into one untraceable memory. I shall embrace this fraction blast of paradise and let it linger in my memory.

Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa
Address: BTDC Complex Lot NW 2 & 3, Nusa Dua, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 773300
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