Thursday, November 19, 2015

Courtesy of Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa

Health is the most important affairLike it’s often said, “Your health is your wealth.” Water is one of the free resources that humanity is blessed with. The availability of water to mankind is unlimited, but the same water can either make or mar your health. In my mid-30s, I have visited numerous tourist and resort centres all over the world and I can categorically say that of all my visits, the Kneipp Water Therapy is the most hygienic of them all. With sophisticated water treatment plants in place, Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa ranks first on my list because their priority is to provide safe, clean and healthy water for everyday life.

As I inquisitively asked to be shown the features that make the spa to be associated with wellness, I was led to the water therapy section where I became exquisitely connected to the water treatment section. The section has been well designed and built up in such a manner that I did my internal environment feel relaxed after the Kneipp therapy but I also felt the relaxing environment outside my body. 

Due to the healing experience I had at the spa, I became duly indebted to my comrade who recommended me to try this treatment at Awarta. The fitness facilities and the relaxation I felt led me to the realization that I had not yet had the best body experiences before. Taking my time to undergo the Kneipp therapy, it dawned to my attention that Awarta spa is really ensuring their customers’ health rejuvenated. 

After working hard throughout the quarter, my visit at Awarta was meant to rejuvenate my fatigued body. The Kneipp water foot therapy was such a new experience for me. The therapy reduced stress from my body muscles and mind, and at the same time induced vitality to my system. 

Early in the afternoon, I set to rejuvenate myself by the use of simple water therapy. The Kneipp therapy was not a tall order as I thought. Starting with right then the left arm, I immersed my arms till my upper arm was halfway immersed. Gently, I kept my arms moving while I was counting aloud so as to keep me breathing fast. After just thirty seconds, I was instructed to warm my arms back up by moving my arms in circular motions. After swirling my hands in the water, I moved on to begin walking in water. With my feet completely immersed in water like a stork, I began to walk, removing each leg entirely from the water. Afterwards, I did pull on a pair of warm wool socks as instructed. 

The experience was one that anyone would want to experience again. My body became stimulated but the good thing is that it was not over stimulated. I also experienced a psycho-vegetative relaxation though without the need of going through psycho sessions. My performance lows were counteracted as from thereafter, I was no longer slow at performance.

Awarta Nusa Dua Luxury Villas & Spa
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