Thursday, November 19, 2015

Courtesy of Bali Culture Centre - Balinese Dancing Class

The philosophy of Indonesian tradition
Dance has been traditionally present in Indonesian culture from the earliest times, passing from one generation to the next. In Bali, dance and drama historically met for preserving cultural values through the performances of Ramayana, Mahabharata and other national stories from Balinese history. Interestingly enough, the Balinese never get tired of watching these dances themselves, even though they may have seen them and known the whole story by heart.

Last week, I travelled to Ubud and made a long stop at the Bali Culture Center. I was in mirth walking through the compound to see how green the plants were. The scent of earth, water, wind, and flowers impregnated my senses at once. This is one of the cultural places in the region that should be in the ‘must-to-do’ list. When you come to Bali, for sure you need to explore a bit deeper about the Balinese culture. That is the original reason Bali Culture Center first created. 

So, there I was, taking a Balinese dance class. From the minute I sat down to watch the dancers, I was amazed and I know I had to give it a try, which I did. At first, I couldn’t do the moves. Thanked God the instructors were tireless to motivate me, applying the right balance, ensuring me to do the dance movements correctly. I learned about Indonesian philosophy by learning how to dance perfectly, as each step, each movement represented some deep insight into the nature of life and universal law surrounding us. Even the garments, the costumes, and the colours, all represent a unique aspect and harmony of life. 

As a famous American Author Robert Fulghum said, “Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life -- learn some as well as think some and also draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.”  Referring to the quote, in order for one to have a harmonious and balanced life, one need to create harmony within self and surroundings to build a decent life. Balinese dance will teach you how.

Bali Culture Centre
Address: Jalan Br Nyuh Kuning Mas Ubud
Phone: +62 361 978144