Sunday, October 18, 2015

Courtesy of AWAY Spa

There is no shortage of beauty on Bali. During my years of stay I have come across many incredible sights. However, no matter the beauty of the place, you can still get tired after a hard day's work. Having had to work for weeks at a stretch, I really needed a break. Rather unfortunately, the beaches at Bali did nothing to alleviate my exhaustion.

I mentioned this to a friend who suggested that I visit a spa. "They are really good", she said. There are, in fact, a number of spas in the Seminyak district of Bali. My friend recommended that I visit the AWAY Spa on that district. Later I was to congratulate on her good choice and advice.

One of the first things I came to know after checking into AWAY Spa was that it was open 24 hours a day. I decided to file this little bit of information away as I often ended up working long hours. Next time, I could head over to the spa directly no matter how late I worked.

Generally, I dislike extravagance. However it was just extravagance that I came to enjoy when I was in the spa. The indoor treatment areas were beautifully decorated and extravagant. The high level of privacy offered by the spa during the treatment was of great help in making me feel more relaxed.

It was altogether a memorable experience. There was a distinct sense of playfulness at work here with the vivid colors and the lovely scents. I suspect this was intentional as these sensory delights made me feel a lot less stressed. I was ushered into a private treatment room where I got the full course I had signed up for. There was a meditation platform inside the treatment room. I was informed by the attendants that there were separate rooms for each customer and double treatment rooms for couples. I appreciated the pains taken by the spa to ensure privacy.

AWAY Spa had offered me a choice between three menus which were Fit & Fabulous, Glamour & Glitz and Serene & Soulful. I decided that glamour was most certainly not meant for me and I did not want to feel fabulous either. Therefore, I opted for Serene $ Soulful. The attendant told me that all treatments were Balinese in their inspiration and I was free to take accessories and essentials with me after my treatment, all of which was branded by AWAY.

After my treatment, I accepted their offer to enjoy a bath and a dip in a pool. The hot stone bath was intense. I could feel each of muscles melting in pure ecstasy. I followed it up by immersing myself in the cold waters of the vitality pool. A wave of blissfulness washed over me. ‘Let us do this again!’ my body seemed to be telling me. I wrapped up my trip by gifting myself a new look at the hair salon in the spa.

As I walked out of the spa, I felt more than just rejuvenated. I was positively looking forward to a long day of work.