Saturday, December 27, 2014

Courtesy of Villa Nikara

Tranquility, sense soothing surrounding and rest is the things for which we seek residence. We miss all of these when we have to shift to somewhere else especially in a foreign country. However, Villa Nikara, managed by Nakula Hospitality Management, is a remarkable place to stay where one will get access to all any comfort one desires for at the residence and will not let you feel nostalgic for ‘Home sweet home’. Nestled in the tropical coconut groves, the Villa welcomes guests from all over the world with an unmatched warmth and kindness. Welcome to Paradise!

The Design
The sharp, crisp white lines of the Villa's architecture compliment the array of surrounding exotic and lush vegetation, which has spread its roots and taken up a pleasant residence all over the property. The entire Villa has an air of peace and comfort: the property's open floor plan promotes an exchange with nature, allowing the guest to take a deep breath of fresh air upon arrival, and use this fragrant scent as an hourly reminder of what a beautiful place one has arrived in.
Villa Nikara has drawn upon various cultures in its visual design and layout. Everything from American modernism to European grace is pleasantly woven together and blended with Indonesian island flair. The highly modern architect of the villa combined with classy yet comfortable furniture is excellent. Systematically designed interior assisted with electronic devices and equipments of daily use will make your life here very smooth going as at your residence, you won’t feel cut off from the rest of the world as Wi-Fi connection surrounds you here. Even the unnoticeable turnings of the room are decorated with well suited unique items that are praise worthy. The artistically carved wooden art pieces in the form of utility furnishings and the characteristic wood woven furnishing beside the pool add more to the calm serene of the place.
The unique pacific effect created by the natural plants, natural and man-made water source is multiplied by the smooth wooden work finish and design of the furnishings and the smart color pastel color combination of the rooms. All these well-crafted ideas have put up this awestruck accommodation which is perfect for relaxing days away from home.

The Location
The lovely Villa Nikara rests just ten kilometers north of Kuta, in the pristine coastal village of Canggu. The villa is a stunningly luxurious accommodation, which offering an unforgettable getaway for those who are looking for a perfect retreat.
The property is well connected with the Bali International Airport which is at an easy accessible distance reached within 30 minutes drive. The villa is advantageously positioned between the serene Canggu, and trendy Seminyak, which is about 15 minutes drive from the Villa. The famous Tanah Lot Temple is in the neighborhood less than 30 minutes drive, and you can easily find tons of cafes around you. If you like sports, the 5 minutes drive Canggu Club provides bowling area, tennis court, fitness centre, and lots of fun activities for kids. The distance to the nearest beach is at 5 minutes convenience walk.

The Facilities
The sole purpose of the Villa seems to be providing the visitor with the gracious gift of luxurious self-care during each minute of the stay. The pool and central lounge are surrounded by rich and vibrant gardens which seem to have been carefully selected to provide the most appealing colors and shapes possible. The surrounding effect was so scintillating that it will rip one off of all the weariness of the journey. The deep tropical green color of the pool matches perfectly with the earthen tones running gently along the borders and trim of the lounge. The entire island feels as if it were developed with a clean, elegant palette tailored to the weary traveler.  Rejuvenation is possible here.
One of the most spectacular rooms in the Villa is the bedroom. The room has a traditional, almost Colonial appeal. It is simply a breath of fresh air to walk inside and see the translucent drapes gently drifting in the breeze, and to hear the waves upon the shore in the distance. The view from the balcony is stunning as the visitor looks out to the Bali Sea and feels its commanding presence from the perch high atop of the Villa; it seems as if the entire world is at your fingertips. The bed is flanked by large, striped groupings of wood, again reinforcing the connection with nature while maintaining comfort and warmth. One never feels walled in at the Villa; instead, the expansive simplicity and efficient d├ęcor only serve to free the senses.
The bathroom opens up into a splendid long hallway. This room is enlarged by a wide mirror above a dark polished countertop with a deep sink resting on its surface. The stylishly dark tones in the bathroom give a sense of direction towards the bathtub and shower. Vegetation seems to gently tap at the windows by the shower as if to assure you that your purpose for being here is to relax and be on vacation.
Dining area facing the serene pool is ready for me to enliven guests with the continental breakfast. The dine area gives digestive jolly interior which has variably lit options which can be turned on upon your mood and choice. The corners are decorated with characteristically Indonesian lamps whose lit beauty will attract you unconsciously. The attached kitchen is equipped with all the smart generational electrical appliances that will help you try some indigenous Indonesian cuisine or your own favorite dishes.
You may also want to use our daily car use facility. We provide you 8 hour car along with driver for 6 persons. Free parking and airport shuttle service are available at the property along with laundry and concierge service, as well as a continental breakfast in the shared lounge. Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided. Daily butler services as well as access to the pool, gardens, and spectacular ocean views offer the visitor refuge.

The Activities
While there is so much to enjoy on the property and the days can easily be spent under the shade of palms by the pool, there is much to do outside of the luxurious refuge the Villa provides. Only a short walk from the main property is the quaint Berawa Beach. Despite the occasional plot of development, there is still enough of an expanse across its sands for any visitor to find a peaceful reprieve from the sunshine and sink their toes into a private lot of sand to watch the waves crash into the shore. The Bali Sea is cut with vibrant blues and it is quite easy to become lost in the timeless, healing motion of the tides.
Another nearby location is that of the Potato Head Beach Club. Despite its amusing name, it is a place that should be visited by all. High luxury and spanning ocean vistas are paired with amazing foods and a wild nightlife. This is one of the focal points of Bali, as the Potato Head Beach Club seems to attract all of those artists, musicians and entertainers that make the culture of the island so lively and captivating. The famous Potato Head Beach Club is only within 10 minutes drive, where the exhilarating bars and boutiques are nearby too.
If you have had your daily fill of relaxing in this tropical paradise and decide that shopping is the order of the day, then simply head to Laksmana Street and you will find luxurious goods and wares that will keep you entertained for hours. The downtown of Canggu also has some spectacular restaurants. While the majority of the fare is Indonesian, if you wander off of the beaten path just a bit, you can also find some of the best Mexican and American eateries on the island.

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