Sunday, January 4, 2015

Courtesy of Boxmart

Greetings Boxmartians!!! 

If you’re here, means that you’re part of us, Boxmartians. If you’ve visited our stores, for sure you’re Boxmartians. For you who haven't, mark on your calendar and put “Visiting Boxmart” as part of your agenda. But, hang on, why Boxmart?

Boxmart is a convenience store where you can buy things and hanging out with friends. We will make sure your grocery shopping experience both quick and easy. You may select from a wide range of groceries, gourmet food, organic food, fresh produce and many more. So, is this the place you wanna go? Hell no!!! I won't spend my precious time visiting this kinda place. 

We know our market, and that’s why we’re different from any other convenience stores there are. Getting snacks and drinks while hanging out with friends are one thing, but having awesome experiences while you’re there is a whole new style in this industry. It’s not just about pleasing your desire. It's more about being connected with the right community in an awesome environment. 

Boxmart understands our customers have very active lives and we want to help. All our Boxmartians are talented and limited edition. If you can sing or play music, we provide the stage for you to perform live. If you’re a poet, our stage is also available for your benefit. If you’re a newbie any kind of industry, just step in and promote whatever you have in mind to other Boxmartians. We’re all about ideas, and how to make benefit out of it. We’re located in the busiest and most convenience area, and therefore you’re gonna be in the spotlight anytime of the day. 

Think about it. After a busy day, and with tomorrow's schedule not looking any better, you can simply come in to our stores and get connected. That's it, we'll do the rest. No muss and no fuss. We’ll deliver your needs and share them to the Boxmartians. You’ll be amazed on how our network works.

So, why are you still staring at this website? Check on your google map or dial the phone, and visit us! We're here any day of the week, 24/7.

~ sethlestath ~