Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Courtesy of Seeds Management

SEEDS – seeding hospitality management at new level

SEEDS as the name suggests is the harbinger for an extra-ordinary service based hospitality industry. The inception of SEEDS has been the sole act of young and experienced hoteliers with a vision of tomorrow to provide its clientele with the very best, out of the ordinary, hospitality.
SEEDS aims at offering the new and most breathtaking hospitality management company, its values set at revolutionizing the hospitality industry with personal, pro-active, innovative approach towards benefiting its guests, investors, staff members, environment and the local community.

With the running of time, technology and the fast paced life of people around the world, Indonesians too have proved their dynamism in achieving every level of competency on par with the rest. The team members at SEEDS have in-depth knowledge about their heritage and the way it enriches the lives of others seeking peace and tranquility. Proficient inhttp://seedshm.com/ every aspect of hospitality and prove their efficiency by serving beyond the normal, as we always aim high and new services.
From consulting project initiation to building a progressive service culture, everything can be done with precise expertise and apt accumulation. The hallmark of SEEDS as a full-grown body of management service for encouraging and expediting travel, tour, construction and business alike is on creating an environment of competition instead of diplomacy and reverence instead of hypocrisy.

Under the leadership of Founder Anasthasia S. Handayani and Co-founders Ida Bagus Wirajaya, Ida Bagus Dimas Aditya Prawira and Ida Bagus Bondan Raditya Prawira, SEEDS have grown to become the pioneer of hospitality management in Bali, and extend its services to serve clients and customers across diversified sectors in and around Indonesia.
There is probably no single domain in hospitality management that is not catered to well by SEEDS’ dedicated team of highly qualified masterminds, all hailing from Bali. The company’s focus is on employing local geniuses in every sector and sphere so that the potential of our people can be utilized appropriately. Together SEEDS has created an environment of friendliness, unity, equality and warmth to ensure maximum positivity between employees and to nurture a flexible working relationship. Their workplace is an entity where fun is unlimited and innovation is guaranteed. 
Today, SEEDS is growing rapidly in the market because of our team of talented employees from different industries and the Indonesian locals who possess skills for performing various activities. To learn more about SEEDS Hospitality Management please visit http://seedshm.com.

SEEDS Hospitality Management
Address: 16 Saridewi, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Phone / Fax: +62 361 7444433
E-Mail: contact@seedshm.com