Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Courtesy of Kamar Desain Indonesia

In order to develop a website that fulfills all the goals of the website development project, the proposed web development will take place in several distinct phases:

Here the scope, requirements, and description of the final website will be determined and documented, including the overarching site goals, number of pages, site hierarchy, merchandizing needs, language and web tools used (i.e. Flash or carts), plus forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content.

Concept Design:
Sketches and/or page mock-ups are created that reflect the general appearance and the look and feel of the website for visitors. Once these are reviewed and approved web development will begin.

Creation and Coding for Primary Pages:
Primary site (i.e. top level) web pages are created in the previously determined language (html, PHP, VBScipt) to meet all the appearance, performance, and content requirements. Then primary pages will be reviewed by the Client with appropriate feedback for revision.

Primary Page Revisions/ Creation and Coding for Secondary Pages:
Primary website pages are revised in accordance with the review/feedback. All site secondary pages are created.

Web Site Review and Testing:
The finished website will be reviewed and all functional aspects tested (i.e.forms, carts).

Acceptance and Project Completion:
Once revisions and modifications resulting from reviews are complete, the web site will be uploaded and go live. After a successful one week trial period, the website project will be considered complete.