Sunday, April 27, 2014

Courtesy of 888 Condo
Cheered by the exquisite beauty of nature, the 888condo offers you a “living in the center of paradise”. The serviced apartments and a hotel sited in the heart of Bali coaxes you to relish the combined attractiveness of nature and art amplified by latest technology to grant you a real sense of paradise in the world. This is the place where exquisite nature, elegant art and scientific innovations are infused to put forth a magical world of dreams to you.
The novel design of 888condo is contrived while keeping in view the naïve surroundings and enchanting beaches to give you a real facet of the mother earth and its nature. The design which combines the nature’s elegance and peaceful environment fully satisfies the mirthful experience of life. 888condo has the décor mingled with western and eastern styles and with both contemporary and antique look to give eyes the most soothing view.
888condo is strategically sited at the most optimum spot of Bali with the beaches enshrouding it from all sides. The beaches and supermarkets can be readily accessed without even exerting a tinniest of effort. With the salubrious environment, deluxe interior and with privacy it offers you to blow over your time in the most adoring manner. The “sky pool” renders not only great merriment but also the incredible view of the city and Beona harbor from the top giving you a sense of being in the realm of floating air.