Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Courtesy of The Kumpi Villas

Situated in one of the most appropriate site, Kumpi Villas is the best place to spend your vacations in the most loveable manner. It is situated in the heart of Seminyak where everything is there. Seminyak beach is only a walking distance of 15 minutes whereas Eat Street is just few steps away from the villas. This is the place far from the commotion of daily life. The peaceful environment prevails throughout the time. Even the air here is so relaxed and refreshing that it would rejuvenate you. The villas is composed of 4 distinctive units, each unit has its own astonishing environment and outlook.

As you encroach into the villas, the professional and expert staff is there to repudiate all your worries. As soon as you nudge past the porch, the elegant swimming pool welcomes you with its breathtaking fresh water. The elegant and enamoring pools have a charisma of their own. You would definitely love swimming in blue waters with your beloved ones. You will never forget the exquisite experience that you will have there. All the pools have outdoor standing showers. The pool is made up of finest timber material and furnished with galvanized steel and fiberglass to give an incredible outlook. The pools are surrounded by umbrellas, Brisbane and Lowes to have a comfort after swimming in the most salubrious environment. The villas are designed with western and eastern décor and with the finest furniture. The doors are of different styles and varieties such as French-doors, fiberglass doors and elegant glaring steel doors. The villas designed with precious materials, finished with glaring glasses and equipped with latest technology have a fantabulous appearance. Each villa is constructed with world’s finest raw material. You won’t even find a mote of blemish in the construction and we bet that the awe-inspiring designs will elude you as if you were in paradise.
The master room has an outdoor enamoring unsuited bathroom with indoor bathtub and shower. The bedrooms situated on the upper storey are designed in a way which would fulfill the purpose of relaxation and merriment as well. The rooms have shining and beaming furniture. You would fall for the décor of the rooms. They also have even DVD players to serve the entertainment purpose. You don’t need to wander here and there as all the paraphernalia of entertainment is provided in your rooms. The glass doors can lead you towards the balcony where you can have heart captivating view of surroundings. You would love taking champagne while relaxing on the easy couches in the balcony while at the same time can view the pool.  Each bedroom has an LED TV with most up-to-date technology. The living and dining room of each villa are provided with sumptuous and lavish facilities. They have delicate sofas, elegant couches, attractive loveseats and gleaming settees. The living room has all the comforts that you have daydreamt of. They are provided with luxurious mats and couches to rest. The color scheme and the outlook of dining room would multiply the fun of dining. Each villa is provided with a kitchen. The kitchens are equipped with all the requirements such as fridge, microwave oven, kitchen range etc. You would love cooking there. You can even have a private butler who can serve you throughout the week   

If you are not in mood of cooking your own food, let the chefs of the place serve you with their savory dishes. Their mouthwatering dishes would make you fall in love with the food. They are expert of cooking food that you would find under the sun. Weather it is western or eastern or it is Asian, they have expertise to give the best taste. They can cook Indian, Spanish, Chinese food with the most piquant taste. You would love their cooking.
The place also furnishes secondary services as well. You can have a bicycle or motorbike on a rent if you are willing to go around the town. If you are foreigner and have countered a situation to exchange the currency, the money changer is at hand to convert your currencies into local ones. We are alive up to the hurdles that are faced with currency conversion therefore we provide you at the spot money changer who can do the job for you in a jiffy.

The villas have indoor spas with the dandified and elegant furnishings. Our expert and virtuoso Balinese staff at the spa will provide you the relevant services in the most dignified manner.

We also render safety and precaution measures pertinent to safety of child. You can enjoy at most without hoarding the tensions of your kids as kids friendly services are also provided at the spot. All the pools are fenced with the most reliable material so that your kids remain safe. We have even fenced stairs to avoid any such mishap that you may repine. You can have a babysitter as well on the request. Safety of kids is our foremost priority.

The place is completely secure and safe. We have policy to safeguard all the assets of our clients. We keep all and sundry information about our client absolute confidential. We burn midnight oil just to please our clients. With the most gorgeous artistic designs and with the most sophisticated services we bet that you will never forget the amusing experience of dwelling in the Kumpi Villas.