Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Courtesy of 7evenotes

The world we view today is stark different from the one a few years ago. Every new day is confronted with unique, uncanny and untoward challenges and opportunities. The perplex situations are bounding up every day and night. This exacerbates many people and now all and sundry are looking for easy ways to get out of the plight of modern era. With the complexity and hectic mundane of daily life, people are fed up with the jejune reiterating events. Therefore, requirement of creativity and newness has become dire need in each and every project. There are people who work fingers to bone to render easy solutions with enchanting and enamoring content. This is where 7evenotes has attained its apex. When it is matter of event management, providing entertainment or sorting out the right talent, suppliers or developing commercial music, our company can do whatever it takes to provide you the best of all under the sun.
7evenotes render services pertinent to entertainment such as talent quest, event management and developing commercial music. Up till now we have completed more than 75 prodigious projects, we have arranged 200 breathtaking events and have brimmed to the horizon more than 250 artists. With our highly skilled and competent team and with latest management practices and technology we are ready to settle even the most intricate tasks. This is the reason we have gigantic clients mostly belonging to Fortune 500 and such clients are increasing day by day. So let us take care of you.
The question that may prompt in your mind is that what makes 7evenotes best of the all. Here we would like to evince two names that have raised the company to its pinnacle, and those two names are Alexander Triyono and Maria Novita Johannes. With them on board, our company has done miracles. We have arranged numerous splendid projects and we are providing best quality services with cost effective solutions. We know that money is problem as inflation has hard hit each and every person but here we quote you the best suitable prices even for the most complex and unique tasks. You are definitely going to like our services. So just give us a try.

Alexander Triyono has made his name. He graduated from Trisakti University majoring in accounting. He has served as Chief of sales for Rodamas and as Senior Manager for Adidas Indonesia before becoming part of our team. He has got the repute and the fame. He is past master of coming up with novel ideas and solutions. If you are facing the dilemma of arranging an event within blink of an eye then you should give our company a chance and the rest assured you won’t be let down because we have adroitness to arrange an event within as short time as a week. We have done this before and we can still carry the day for you. In 2010, Ponds Gold Radiance event was arranged by the team just in a week. The clients were taken by storm when they viewed the astounding arrangements and unique concepts contrived by Alexander Triyono. If you are still blowing hot and cold on the skills there are zillions of other examples to do away with all your doubtfulness. For instance the event of “Hello ASEAN Music Festival” in which more than 50,000 people participated was arranged so tactfully that everyone was taken by the storm to view it. The directors managed to quell such colossal traffic within relatively smaller space.  Another such event known as “Dulux Color Launch” was held by the company in 2010. The mirthful environment and the concept of allowing people to come up with the colors they have ever stargazed, was eulogized by all and sundry. 

 One of the reasons of successes of 7evenotes is having Maria Novita Johannes on board. She completed her master’s from Leicester University majoring in marketing. She has served as Director Programming for TV Benten and as Director Artist for Rivajo Jaymas before joining us. She has insightfulness to extract the talent from the heap of people. She works like a Trojan to provide best services. Many artists have been flourished by the platform and many others are still taking the benefit of the platform. This is the reason that mammoth and gigantic corporations are always approaching towards 7evenotes to get the right talent. In 2009, “Rexona Music Teen Concert” was held by the 7evenotes. Our capable management was able to put forth the right talent and those voices are now captivating hearts of millions. Another such event cognized as “Yamaha Miss Universe meet & greet” was also held in the same year.  We also develop commercial music for stupendous multinational companies such as Hyundai, Toyota, Axis, Panasonic, Unilever and numerous others. The melodious tunes are not only source of great refreshment but they also provide excitement and merriment. You would be taken back by the fantabulous music.

Our company is currently handling monolithic projects and has gigantic multinational companies as clients. Most of the clients hail from Global Fortune 500 companies. Samsung, Panasonic, Honda, Toshiba etc are few to name. The efforts and endurances of our team should are lauded by our every client. The team burns midnight oil just to put smile on the faces of clients. All of our clients are happy to find 7evenotes and why can’t you be. If you think there is dearth of creativity and ingenuity and there are other beguiling you with false claims, just give us as try. We can come up with fascinating ideas out of blue. Everything is more than good with 7evenotes and you might be the next person who is lucky to get our services.