Friday, April 11, 2014

Courtesy of Kendra Art Space
Kendra – From Gallery Becomes Art space
Kendra Gallery was a space where the needs of both the artist and the audience are met with impeccable attention to detail and experience. Since June 2008, Kendra Gallery has been spotlighting both professional and young artists to develop their career into the whole new level of perfection. We are proud to guide the locals’ talent and to give them the chance in exchanging their knowledge and skill with foreign artists. As we aim to motivate people to be the creativity inspiration to others, we are pleased to always support they who have unlimited imagination in creating art.
And after nearly six years we have committed to announce Bali as an international center of contemporary art, now it is time for us to expand our scope of business. We welcome you to our breathtaking-artistic green space at the garden to hold any of your events. Take a quick tour at our unique garden. We provide indoor and outdoor settings for a variety of events, including ceremonies, corporate meetings, receptions, parties, retreats and reunions. Stroll along the pathways around the artistic indoor style during cocktail hour and afterwards gazing at the gorgeous scenery of the lush greenery landscaped garden for dinner under the stars.
What we offer is truly “out of the box” concept as our garden stands alone as a breathtakingly, one-of-a-kind events site. A winding pathways, exquisite pavilions and lush garden provide a stunning stage for sharing your romantic moment-in-time with friends and family. Whether it be personal or business related, large or intimate, Kendra’s full package services provides a uniquely delightful setting for a memorable celebration. Our distinctive location is a very exclusive selection for your special event and one that your guests will always remember.
Kendra Gallery was an art space, while Kendra Art Space is a force of nature. Now our garden awaits you. Glance at our new look and sense the smell of masterpiece!