Friday, December 28, 2012

Live It The Best We Can

I’ve been thinking a lot about different kind of people I met back in Bali. They all have one thing in common; they appreciate things. It’s not just Bali is the center of attraction sites. It’s about how they live their life. Most of them don’t make plans for the following days. They just live day by day, which is a good thing because they can give value of life more. I’ve become one of those people now, and it’s easier for me to get through the days. I feel so loose. I can do whatever I wanna do without thinking twice of the path I’ll walk through. If I die now, I left no regret because I just spend great times. I mean, who would remember anything after the moment we die? Life is just passing up through, and we won’t feel a thing. We will bury and mourned by a few later on. And that’s just it. What more can we ask for? The world will spiral from underneath us, and we’re either too smart or too dumb to find God.
In some cases, maybe we’re angry of the world. But that could be just because the way out is through love and we have no one at the time we die. And when it does, our lives are gone with unhealthy feeling. Instead of changing the past which none of us are able to do that, we can always bring up stories or spread lies to people around us. We have seen that before we lies a great stretch of road and it is windswept, or blasted by the hot sun, or covered in snow, or it is dirt, or concrete, or shrouded in darkness, or bright and clear so we have to squint. But no matter what, it feels utterly empty. Life is too damn short, and such ashamed if we spend it improperly. People die everyday. Someone lost someone they love every single time. And there’s only one thing we can do to make life a lot better. We must live the best life we can. Life is such a short wonderful journey. Thus, take the most in every single second of it.