Friday, June 24, 2016

The Magic Spell of Bali

Wandering around the island of Bali, your senses are constantly teased and intoxicated. Inevitably, you become hypnotically enveloped and submerged in her splendour, under her magic spell. Whether it be the magnificent colours, mountainous landscapes, smiling faces, or the array of delectable smells and mouth-watering cuisines.
The picturesque isle of Bali is situated east of Java. It lends itself to a broad range of tastes and budgets. Tourists can reside in a 5-star resort or a Balinese villa. Those who wish to surf will discover beautiful pristine beaches, while those who desire to boogie can do so at one of the many buzzing nightclubs. For the more spiritually inclined temples abound or, should you desire to immerse yourself in the landscapes (perhaps volcanos, waterfalls or rice paddies) a driver or an organized tour can be prearranged at very reasonable rates.
Shopaholics will also be in 7th heaven. Up and down bustling streets and alley ways little shops akin to stalls shoulder each other. These little sales outlets sell everything imaginable from wooden carved giraffes to silver trinkets but, don’t forget to bargain! In this tropical climate, temperatures average 30 degrees and it’s not unusual to see weary and frazzled tourists too tired to negotiate a more sensible price. If you still wish to continue on your “shop till you drop” frenzy, you can seek refuge in the wonderfully cool department stores or supermarkets. Here prices are fixed and you have the freedom to walk around unencumbered by sales staff vying for your attention.
After your long day, you can opt for a massage, then pamper yourself in a rose petal spa and contemplate the evening’s possibilities - “Shall I go to the beach and indulge in a seafood dinner or sip a glass of wine while viewing the sunset”? Regardless of what you require or, whatever your desires, you have the comfort of knowing that in magical Bali your wishes can come true!