Friday, June 24, 2016

Beat the heat with a perfect healthy summer drink!

Hot days only mean one thing, cold drinks! During summer, it is almost a necessity to cool our body from the inside out, and that means tons of cold glasses of water! Ice water, obviously, the first summer drink that pops up in our head that keep our body, skin and mind healthy. However, while pure water with heaps of ice is a total breeze, sometimes we want to taste a little flavor in our refreshment. It is easy to get some cold cocktails, but those are not the option when it comes to healthy summer drinks. Try some of these healthy, cooling, summer drinks instead!
Cucumber Mint Water – serving this drink is quite easy, all you need is a few slices of cucumber and a mint sprig and that’s it. Put those into your half-full of water, add a handful of ice if necessary, stir, and sip!
Watermelon Juice – based on research, consuming watermelon regularly helps you lose weight because more than 90% from a watermelon is water. To enjoy it during summer time, you can serve it in a traditional way, or add mint leaves and rock salt to reduce the sweet taste.
Mango milkshake – this refreshment is quite popular among little kids. The combination of mango and milk in your drink will create a super yummy summer drink. Some of the benefits are controlling blood pressure, increasing one’s immunity and preventing anemia.
Sugarcane juice – rich in potassium, antioxidants, glucose, magnesium and calcium, drinking sugarcane prevents a heatstroke and also helps to fight infections. To make it fresh, make sure to serve it with ice.
Iced Ginger Tea with Lemon – much better to serve it in a pitcher. Simply boil enough water and pour over large bowl with enough bags of ginger tea. Steep for around 15 or 20 minutes, then remove the bags and pour it into a pitcher full of ice and lemons.
Coconut water – one of the famous drinks in Asia, coconut water provides so many nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins, zero cholesterol and also a diuretic, which can help someone to recover someone from diarrhea. There are 2 ways to drink it; pour the coconut water into a glass of ice or pour a handful of ice to the coconut fruit. Either way, it is going to be the best summer drink on the island.

Courtesy of The Leaf Jimbaran