Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Courtesy of Aishwarya Villa

Aishwarya Villa is more than just part of a luxury accommodation – they are the next best thing in hospitality industry. Translated directly from the Sanskrit origin means ‘Wealth’ or ‘Prosperity’, the guests are meant to feel the richness culture of Bali from the moment they arrive until they leave with lots of spiritual and emotional memories to share. Designed by a local Balinese, the property is situated idyllically within easy reach from the legendary black sandy beach of Ketewel. The fact that Ketewel is not a touristy area makes it a perfect destination for those who are seeking the true friendliness of the local people and their tenacity to preserve Balinese traditions.

Aishwarya Villa is one of the exquisite accommodations that offer total comfort. Its classy furnishings and modern Indonesian touch are truly reflecting the aesthetics of a decent place to stay. Offering 17 units of one-bedroom to anticipate the needs of either honeymooners or business travelers, this villa is characterized by a refreshing decor that uplifts the senses with an infusion of color and accents of local artistry. All the collection conjured the place in the essence of simplicity, purity and harmony.

As soon as you enter the complex, be prepared to allow the friendly and experienced staff to cater to your new “home”. And by the time you step in to your villa, a romantic swimming pool will greet your arrival with its charm. And while you are imagining yourself taking a dip, lolling under the warm sun on the outdoor chaise lounges and poolside chairs, our humble staff will waltz you through the room to discover a fancy bedroom fitted with quality amenities like 42inch LCD & LED TV, DVD player, mini bar, coffee & tea maker, safety deposit box, and bathtub. All the designs featured are a real feast for your eyes and the environment, a real definition of tranquility.

Sunset is of course the main course in the villa. You can stay relaxing in the poolside, lying comfortably gazing at the clear reddish-blue sky, chatting with the loved ones, or simply chilling until the gorgeous sun lay down on the yonder west of horizon. Or you can take 10 minutes’ walk to the beach and spend your sunset there. Unlike most of beaches in Bali that always full pack of people, you can find yourself alone in Ketewel Beach. To ensure that your entire body is taken care of after a long walk along the beach, ask our staff to book in-house spa therapy that will take care of your body, mind and spirit on a journey of relaxation.

A meaningful vacation should not only involve pleasures. It would be more memorable if you try interesting opportunities offered in every place. Therefore, book a one-day-trip to the east side of the island. Another beneficial activity that you need to look after to is the trekking adventure. Balinese village offers you the most appealing environment to explore during your vacation. You will definitely enjoy the lovely surroundings on your way to the local villages nearby. You will be greeted with exceptional landscapes and fields inhabited by colorful flora and fauna and most of all, the friendly locals.

Experience Bali’s country life with learning and excitement. There is so much to acquire about our authentic culture that will enlighten you and broaden your knowledge and skills. Traditional farming is the very wealth of rural life in Bali. You can watch the locals with their crops and enjoy their great accompany. You will love the spectacular view of the rice fields while getting involve on the customary farming techniques. Getting yourself filthy is not a problem for you can take a refreshing wash by the streams like the locals. Have a taste of their home made food and drinks. Witness their creativeness while listening to their local stories and hymns.

We will make sure to accommodate every need during your stay at Aishwarya Villa. So, why wait? Your next best holiday is ready for you; a complete package of absolute relaxation, comfort and adventure that you always want to experience during holidays. It’s not enough to live on to your imagination only. You deserve a life changing treat like this. So get yourself set and initiate your booking now.