Monday, December 28, 2015

Courtesy of MIURA Pintxos Bar & Grill

When the elements of a classic dining restaurant meet the d├ęcor and the ambiance of a modern Mediterranean ‘casa’, a charming and convivial restaurant is born. Mellow and ostentatious vibe in the dining room, Miura Pintxos Bar & Grill introduces a relaxed and friendly take on typical casual dining. It is stylish without meaning to be – rustic yet urban; a nonconformist kind of style. This is definitely a dine experience that must be tried. 

As I sat back in a bamboo-woven chair, I admired the glistening tableware atop the pristine linens. Clearly, the management team has shaped the vibe of this endearing restaurant, alive with passion and personal touches. My taste buds were captivated as the lively ceiling fans send the smells of a simmering paella throughout the breezy dining room, dancing to the sounds of Latin-American flamenco.

As for the taste, my favorite would be Iberican Pork Belly, slow-cooked, a cheap cut with great flavour and soft texture. Miura Patatas is also recomended. It felt me that those meals transported to the heart of a Spanish coastal town, indulging in the ocean’s delights with crisp and refreshing accompaniments.