Monday, November 23, 2015

Courtesy of Villa Casa Mateo

A Modern Delight

It is difficult to get bored with Bali. There is always something new to enjoy in this spectacular place. This time, I made up mind to enjoy the beauty of the region from the lap of luxury. I feel Bali is one of those few places whose experience becomes better with luxury.

So with luxury and extravagance in mind, I booked myself into the Casa Mateo, in the heart of Seminyak.  A car from the villa was there to pick me up from the airport. A short ride through the fashionable hub of Seminyak brought me to, what seemed like a resplendent dream of white at first sight, the villa. ‘I am going to enjoy this’, I thought.

The modern Balinese architectural style was apparent. With a walled compound and tropical gardens, it seemed as if I had my own little spot of paradise in Bali. For a moment, I felt at peace, with the tranquility of the villa only disturbed by the slight soft rustle of the trees. The ambiance was certainly luxurious. The sight of the manicured gardens and spotless white walls of the villa soothed my spirit.

After a relaxing dip in the pool, I decided to head out and experience Bali. One of the reasons I ended up selecting Casa Mateo was its proximity to the main attractions of Seminyak. 15 minutes later, I found myself on the Petitenget Beach, famous for its grey sands. Time flew by as I the grey sands being caressed by the crystal azure waters. There were few tourists there, which helped me lose myself in my reverie.

It was high noon by the time my reverie broke, thanks in part due to a few jovial tourists. I was preparing to ignore them when I noticed their golf clubs. After a short conversation, I found myself invited to a game of golf at the Nirwana Bali Golf Course the next day. ‘Come with us and see for yourself the greens that will make you speechless’ one of them said. ‘One of the best courses in Asia’ another added.

I must say that their descriptions did not do justice to the course. A more appropriate description would be, ‘Wow!’ which I proceeded to utter rather frequently during the game. The course is a visual masterpiece. The ocean seemed to be a dramatist’s delight and all around me, the lush landscapes seemed to be the intense work of a talented painter.

Later that day, I found myself again on the Petitenget Beach. I was just in time for the sunset. The sheer spectacle of the fiery hues of the sun setting into the ocean contrasted sharply with the darkness of the grey sands is not something that can be accurately described in words.

Back at the villa, I tucked into a fantastic meal course created by an expert cook. Then, I sat back and enjoyed the rapidly dwindling light creating a magical sight in the tropical garden. A few words by William Makepeace Thackeray floated into my mind, ‘What peace, what love, what truth, what happiness for all’.

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