Thursday, November 19, 2015

Courtesy of AYANA Resort and Spa

Value all the moments you have spent
Influenced by the health benefits that I had read, water treatment therapy at Thalasso Spa Ayana Resort is mandatory if you are around Jimbaran, as I did last week. Having been a culprit of some of the worst diets and an inhabitant of this polluted world, nothing was a guarantee that my body didn’t have toxins. These catapulted with the hassles and bustles of life, clear it is that my life was full of stress. Though not depressed, my muscles and mind needed rejuvenation from such physical and emotional stresses. Had I not heard of Thalassotherapy, today, my health condition could have been in another new high? But grateful I am because decisively I walked into the waters to have this great alternative treatment.
Rich in sea minerals and salts, the water has been proven to be medicinal. And rich of the desire to get detoxified, the waters had to prove medicinal on my body. But with neither skills nor experience, I had to submit myself to a specialist. A specialist she was, who ensured that the sea water proved medicinal to me thereafter. 
A combination of a ritual that combines the sea minerals together with a unique “wet” facial and massage is what I can define my Thalassotherapy experience at Ayana’s Thalasso Spa. A staunch natural and alternative treatment advocate, it wasn’t such a big deal for me to make the decision of taking part in this therapy. On lying on the water-heated massage bed, the body wrap of the highly concentrated seaweed made a cold shrill to run down my spine for a moment. Soon, it is time for perspiration as a result of a speed up of the internal respiration.
No sooner had I relaxed and become adapted to this new environment, than were the overhead shower jets engaged. Warm sea water wall all over my body and within no time, the nice relaxing feel was all over my body. By the use of their special massage technique, I could feel the therapist’s forearms carefully massaging my body.
Feeling the harmony of the well done Thalassotherapy, my body parts once again came into harmony with one another. As the therapist carefully applied the balm all over me, and started doing what she knows the most, it dawned on me how much my body parts were not in a harmonious music with one another.

Like an eagle comes to perch after a long day of flying, I was feeling relax after the therapy. As a wise man used to say, “Value all the time you have together as they may end sooner than you think,” I valued all the time I had at the spa for clear to me that soon I would be no more here. Incredible results I got, that I still can’t fathom how. Relief from stress, tension and pain from my back, muscles and emotions I got. Conditions that I had thought would never be solved in me by the best of physicians. And as a result of that, credits and kudos be to Thalasso Spa at Ayana Resort.

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