Monday, August 17, 2015

Courtesy of Now! Bali Magazine Featuring Finn's Beach Club

The Sands That Linger On
Bali is a very beautiful place, filled with many beautiful and historical things that have attracted many tourists over the years. Unfortunately, of all the years that I have been living and working here, I have never taken the time to seriously explore this beautiful and enriched island. 

As a way to enjoy myself fully and as advised by a few of my colleagues, I decided to visit a new environment that I rarely go to, Finn’s Beach Club. I must say that if you have never been, then pencil in a visit to this place on your calendar ASAP. This little slice of paradise is safely tucked away below some breathtaking and imposing cliffs. And the journey to reach it is just as thrilling as the site of the club itself. I was with this Swedish family in the inclinator when I noticed a boy next to me had to actually close and open his eyes a few times to make sure he was not dreaming, and everything he saw just kept eliciting a ‘wow’ out of his mouth. 

Being a beach lover, I put my standard quite high when it comes to rating a beach. And as for Finn’s Beach Club, I was overwhelmed for the fact that the beach has clean white sands with silky textures that your feet would fall in love with. Well at least mine definitely did so. Aside from the beautiful sand, I felt in love with the clear blue water that looked like mirrors and would entice anyone to put on their bathing suits and indulge themselves in their warmth. The green backdrops were so eye catching and rich that they reminded me of some of the Disney cartoon movies that I watched growing up.

During the day, the place looked like it had been kissed by the sun; all looking very bright with clear blue skies, cheerful and fresh. This set up is quite favorable for the various outdoor activities, which I indulged in with enthusiasm, that are offered like snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. As well as enjoy the beach loungers under wide beach parasols, sipping a cocktail or two.

Time flied, and the nightlife at the club greeted a different era of clear skies with lights everywhere that reminded me of the awesome and aesthetic sunsets that I have enjoyed in Phuket a while ago. However, for an unspeakable reason, I feel like the sunset at Finn’s was magical. This is why. 

The sky was painted an array of pink, orange and yellow. The clouds and the pale glow of the moon was beginning to show. The bonfires were fired up, toast marshmallows and a bottle of Corona teasing at my both hands. Music was playing in enough volume and rhythm along with the screaming waves hitting rocks, as if they were trying to create a new form of melody. People starting to look each other and dancing around like fools. So I asked myself, “What could go wrong?” Exactly. Nothing. Even the little kids seemed to have fun with whatever they do. Yup, that’s right. Finn’s Beach Club is nothing like most of the beach clubs alongside Kuta – Seminyak area where all about ladies, parties and boozes. I prefer to say that Finn’s Beach Club is a family beach club.
My unending love for the beach scene drew me out to enjoy the bonfires throughout the night, dancing and of course making new friends. While I was sitting on the sand witnessing this enduring moments of my life flashing before me, I remember an anonymous quote I saw in the book I read last night, “Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Being at Finn’s Beach Club was one of those moments that take my breath away. Having said so, I encourage everyone to spare some time off their busy schedules and go check out Finn’s Beach Club. I promise you will not be disappointed.  As for me, I am still smiling writing this.
- Sethlestath -