Saturday, August 15, 2015

Courtesy of Now! Bali Magazine featuring Canggu Club

Keep It Bouncing at Canggu Club
Children are a treasure in life but they can be a trying kind with the amount of energy that they exude most of the time. In addition to that, they can be quite very demanding. Truth is keeping up with a kid, especially one who has just discovered the art of walking, is not easy for an adult especially one with a lot of things going on in their personal life.
Many families have come up with their own ways of spending time with their kids doing fun activities or visiting real fun places. Go to the beach or the movies, to exotic places for holidays, video gaming halls, or participate in awesome and fun competitions. All this is partly to give the parents some breathing space and catching up with whatever is going on in their kids’ lives.
And to help kids enjoy themselves to the maximum, the Canggu Club Bali has come up with its own version of Disney World where kids can be entertained as well as explore their energies with all the sporting venues that are availed to them. And now in their backyard is every child’s dream – A Bounce Trampoline.
As much as this beautiful structure was made for kids, I believe that it is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of adults and children alike. And if you are an adult that does not want to indulge in that divine pleasure of exploring greater heights, it is alright. There are people that are there to watch over the safety of your young ones. This trampoline structure can hold as many people as allowed and it can be the best treat a parent or guardian can give to their offspring or wards.
And while the little ones even your teenagers enjoy themselves, the adults can watch over them in a restaurant and bar that is raised over the structure. So imagine fun and food all in one place. What more could a parent want.
The Canggu Bali Trampoline Center has provided various packages for those who interested to the extent that the fun can be multiplied over and over and over again. So one can have it arranged to have a trampoline themed party, a fun sports themed party like basketball and so much more.
And if your kid likes to try out new tricks for their sports say like basketball, and other activities like dancing, then this big and gorgeous Bounce Trampoline is highly recommend that allows exploration of ideas to the fullest and with maximum safety measures in place. With its 360 degree allowance and bounces that can be achieved to awesome heights, your child is bound to be the star of whatever show they have in mind.
Aside from that free jump arena that has conquered many kids’ hearts, Canggu Club Bali has made sure to provide other sports activities that will keep your kids busy having fun. The next best things are Splash Water Park and Strike Ten Pin Bowling alley that has become a team building and bounding experience for some families.
The juiciest part of all this is that the Club is open to all parties, foreign and domestic, that want to enjoy Canggu Bali’s fun providing amenities by providing day passes each and every day, all year round. But if you want to belong to the special class, memberships are also provided wholeheartedly to you.
Having said so, if you still haven’t planned or trying to figure out where to take the kids end of this month, consider Canggu Club Bali to fill that spot. Be well assured that you will not be disappointed in any way. Trust that at the end of that awesome holiday your loved, ever energetic and curious kids will shower you with praises for a long time for the thought. All you have to be prepared for is a mug that says “I love you mommy and daddy”. 

- sethlestath -