Friday, January 3, 2014

Courtesy of UC Silver

Matting Offerings to God

Matting is usually used to cover floors or packing to enhance grace and elegance of the covered material. Similarly, our noble deeds act as a gift for God while our sinful acts play a role of bad offerings to God. The matting of good intentions on noble deeds enhance their value even further, whereas matting of bad intentions on sinful deeds makes them even more dreadful.

People in Bali are famous for their rituals and traditions. The way they start their day astonishes every other person. Their sincere and devoted worship to God is key to success in their life. They have idols in their homes and place them in their gardens. Every morning, they offer prayers sitting on a straw mat. The offerings are simple but made on a consistent basis. Every day, at least one person from a family prepares offerings.

Sweet dragonflies also try to copy Balinese people and offer their own rituals to make Gods happy. They make their own small idols from straw or other similar things and offer prayers around them. They sometimes circulate around their idols or offer tiny gifts asking for blessings from them. Our Sweet Dragonflies also worship Gods and are always busy in praising his majesty. Their chatter in synchronization imitates praying to Gods. They provide matting of sincerity and innocence in their offerings. They fly high into the skies to bow in front of their magnificence.

In this collection, the combination between traditional Balinese woven and contemporary modern design inspired our artists to create a priceless art design. The additional element of Sweet Dragonfly enhances this design and makes it come to life.