Friday, January 24, 2014

Courtesy of 7 Evenotes Management ---- Poem

The stars are soft as all flowers grow naturally,
And the entire world would be in love majestically.
A land, beyond a cruel harsh world;
I shall praise this love, my Lord!
My love is deep; the more I kill, the more I sleep.
But blessed it be to the one of suffers none, when lips and kisses are blend to one.
O… how sweet is love when love possesses itself?
How sweet is life when love shadows become myself?

Did he just say that love is a tender thing?
I swear that it is something above nothing.
Thus here, by the great temple before us, I will garner up my heart
Where either I must live or bear a blood
My thoughts will no longer scream those pitiful cries
As my real world will disappear from my dear eyes.
For the true love is blooming in my heart’s core,
A gracious life shall begin on this strange shore

Oh... she smiles like a bright sunrise,
For all angels gathered in my eyes.
That I must not hide this blissful face.

Should I dive more this passionate love,
And stop cursing my shameful glove?
But o... I cannot speak more of this thought,
If I love him not.

I doubt the sun will rise tomorrow
I doubt this heart will never feel any sorrow
I doubt this journey will end by me and you
But never have I doubted that I love you