Friday, March 15, 2013

Courtesy of Kamar Kamar Villa

Influenced by the ancient Indonesian cultures and incorporated with the elegant architecture, Kamar-Kamar Villa appears to be simple and stylish. This villa refreshes all the memories that will trigger us to appreciate the heritage of Indonesia. The old style furnishings and classic Asian touch complemented by original, unique and antique pieces of art displayed splendidly in every corner of the villa and are truly reflecting the aesthetics of a decent place to stay. All the collection conjured the place in the essence of simplicity, purity and harmony. The soul behind this scheme, who is also a fashion designer, believed that the concept represents the authenticity of Indonesian legacy.

As you waltz through the huge Lasem wood door into the matchless oasis of tranquility, a symbol of Chinese calligraphy that says ‘a place to lie down’ oversees like a hawk. And while all words melt down to view the collections of trays from the varied tribes of Indonesia –that apprise our eagerness to deliver the best treatment–, the truly Indonesian hospitality will cater behind the hundreds year-old official Javanese wooden table. The exquisite luminance from the glass roof and musical instrument of the canaries will make you feel as if God is bestowing the wisdom of life. Feel the gentle wind creeping all over your body when a religious circle of Zen –that represents an absolute enlightenment of meditating –soaks each coming soul with the drizzle of morning dew.

As the heart begins pounding and racing to feel the exhilaration, the fellow guests are seen relaxing by the pool or building a bond one another. There are also guests who want to remain unseen in their solitary chamber; meditating inside the Hermitage, babbling in the fancy living room with the loved ones, admiring the art of Indonesian culture all over the wall, or even lying motionless on the back terrace sightseeing the shooting star on the lovely ambiance of the evening.
The enthralling of moonlight reflection in the swimming pool amongst the heavenly surroundings will create the attainment of peacefulness and make you lose the track of time.

Kamar-Kamar Vila has been designed in the abstract way of understanding to dazzle every living soul. Therefore, your presence here is important for our final accomplishment. Let’s embrace this fraction blast of paradise that will linger in your memory. Staying with us is what you need. Your real journey in Bali is about to begin.