Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Do People Lie?

Lie with Me: Shadow Force Series, Book 1Why do people lie? To protect them from the truth, or just to please the world by telling lies? Sometimes lie is a must. In one hand, indeed it is a sin. But in other hand lie means saving us from a great humiliation, or maybe having lie just to help someone that we called “white lie”. Everyone has secret in his or her own life that shouldn’t be revealed. But why does people always tryin’ to know our secret? For what? 
They say a good relationship based on a truth; honesty is needed to build a relationship. But is it? What if the secret taste bitterly that it shouldn’t be, would the relationship still go on? I guess not, wouldn’t it? “Reality sucks”, that’s what I believed. I mean telling our secret means ruin the relationship we had with someone. But I’m not saying we must lie all the time. I’m just saying to keep our secret for our own. “A relationship start with a lie won’t last more then a month. But a relationship within’ lies lasts longer”, that’s what I believed.