Friday, November 26, 2010

God Knows

If you feel tired and weary of the un-futile effort, God knows how hard you tried.

When you've been crying for so long and your heart still aches, God has counted your tears.

If you think that your life is waiting for something and the time seemed to pass by just like that, God is waiting along with you.

When you feel alone and your friends are too busy to call, God is always by your side.

When you think that you've tried everything and did not know what to do anymore, God has all the answers.

When all things are not reasonable and you feel dizzy or depressed, God can calm you down.

If suddenly you can see traces of hope, that is because God is whispering to you.

When something wonderful happens and you're filled with awe, God has smiled on you.

When you possess a dream to be fulfilled, God has opened your eyes and call you by your name.

Wherever you are or whatever you're looking for, GOD KNOWS.

Any suffering that we endure, every burden and hardship that afflict us, must have a reason and direction for our good. Any sadness that makes our heads down every drop of tears, surely has a reason and direction for our benefit. Every heartache, every cry of pain, certainly has reason and direction for our development. If we believe in God, all these things will turn out to be good for us. Because God knows.