Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love is....

Love is.... 

To give everythin' without hoping to be given in return
To choose to be with someone although there are hundreds tempting choices
To say to someone that I will not die for you, instead of I will live for you

To trust someone when you see darkness around your heart, eyes and inside your head
To forgive and forget although your heart has been crushed to pieces
To always put hopes on someone although your world seems to fall apart

To step aside your dignity, proud and pride when you seems to be the winner
To see, understand and accept what he is and not what he has
To always create the second chance although it's already the hundreds

Love is about so many things that people will definite
depending on their own journey of life....

But most of all...

Love is not just a good and happy feeling, a blast sensation, a shivering moment,
but it's an important choice that you should  make to create a better world to live in