Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Look Back

In life, there are always times when decisions must be taken. There is always a time when choices seem so difficult and feels impossible, even the rain seems to come soak. There are situations where we can do just let it pass and keep moving forward.

But pack all the difficulties and take a step forward. Indeed the process of change is hard and difficult. Just remember all the fun ahead if we handle it pretty tough. Gather steadfast, courage and choose a direction that will lead us to a new dawn.

There may be an adventure we can never imagined waiting in front of the street, or the hopes and dreams that almost became evident in the manner and way that we do not yet understand. Maybe we will see a friendship that begins with new things when we’re challenging the status quot. We will learn that there are so many choices in life, and so many ways to grow.

Maybe we will go traveling to beautiful places far away that we never expected, or see something we have never seen before. Perhaps we will find warmth, affection and care in others. Maybe we will be comforted to know that we still have someone who always support us and trust us in whatever decisions we make.

So, get one step in front of others and live this life day by day to a brighter tomorrow.

Do not look backwards! We do not go there! The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes