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Hear the Nature’s Roar and Snuggle on a Comfy Bed - Glamping in Bali

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Try to picture yourself sitting under a million stars, chatting until the early hours, whilst toasting marshmallows over the fire pit. Imagine a lazy morning curling up under your blanket next to the glow of a fuel stove. They say camping is the nature’s way of feeding mosquitoes. Don’t let that joke scares you because glamping is the exact opposite. Glamping is recently growing around the globe and it is a form of camping that comes with utmost comfort. Worry not to find the camp space, setup tiny nylon tents and suffer in cramped sleeping bags. As the newest travelling style, glamping romantically brings you in touch with nature while allowing the 5-star hotel comfort. Glamping is all about escaping from the world into the heart of nature with no trace of modernization yet a luxurious twist.

Though Bali is known for many intriguing sites and activities one can get involved in, glamping gives another reason to believe that there is still much to learn and experience in this part of the world. There are numerous romantic places for Glamping in Bali where you will not have to give up sleeping in bed, running water or electricity. The only comfort that you will give up is the concrete walls. As they say, “Life begins when you start saying YES to experiences.”

In Ubud, Sandat Glamping Tents will take you in the middle of rice fields. As one of the most popular glamping sites in Bali, you will be offered with 5 safari-style tents with each having its private infinity-edge pool together with a terrace that leads into the forest. Lumbung cottages are there for grabs; traditional local houses with alang-alang roofs and balconies overlooking the lush green surroundings.

The interiors of the tents are amazing and fantastic. If you have always harboured the fear of the discomforts in the camping tents, then glamping here can be even more comfortable than your own home. The decorations are down to detail in order to give the occupants the real touch of Bali’s nature. Pearl chandeliers, hand painted furniture, coffee plants and white shells, you will feel at home while in the wild. Each cottage is also equipped with ceiling fan, mini fridge, i-pod docking station, internal phone service, and of course, Wi-Fi connection.

The tents are surrounded by rice fields, vast vegetation and the beautiful mother nature. Perfect seclusion has been done with bamboo screen together with vertical gardens thus giving you all the privacy you need. So when the jungle is alive at night, and surely it will, don’t worry about your safety. For the nature lovers, be ready to enjoy the melodious and at times discords sang by the night creatures. Your night will be memorable in such an elegant surrounding. With the capability to accommodate just a few people, Sandat Glamping Tents will absolutely be enjoyed by any person who loves eccentric things, activities and places. If you decide to go out from the camping site, it will take you just a 10-minute scenic drive through the rice paddies to reach Ubud Central.

Still in the same region of Ubud, hidden away in the rice fields above the Ayung River, Escape Nomade offers simplicity as the new style of luxury with eco experiences for a romantic adventure. You can spend your afternoon embracing the nature around you under a beautiful assortment of tents and live by the moments. These unique air-cooled designed tented villas combine all the natural elements with utter finesse and lend a romantic flair by taking you back in time with grandeur.

Living without walls, Escape Nomade is all about experiential satisfaction. For those who want to experience the idyllic setting under bright blue skies, the “Picnic Lunch” is hosted on a deep gorge above a mountain stream with all the picnic goodies packed in bamboo picnic baskets. Listen to the sounds of nature while seated comfortably on cushions or rugs and enjoying your healthy lunch on low rise tables to give you the epic picnic feel. “The Royal High Tea” experience begins with a sublime footbath and full body massage in a breezy covered tent pavilion next to the river. Freshly brewed tea of your choice is served on the high hills.

Relaxed and refreshed, you retire to the main tent for a divine spread of champagne and sweets. A promenade of unexpected events in the jungle await you after you reach a solitary luxury safari-style tent on the edge of the world. Bamboo flute-playing musicians serenade you, and there’s time for cocktails and canapes before your walk back to the temple at sunset.

If this is still not enough and you are keen on taking your beloved to a classic dining experience amongst the wilderness, then carry on to the dining table. The dinner is set within a tent glowing with lanterns and small shrubs. Wildflowers placed on the table along with linen and fine china. The four-course dinners are a healthy take on local flavours, and each course reflects the main colours of the temple offerings like red, green and yellow. The feeling of being close to nature is intensified as you dine listening to the wind rustling in the palm trees outside, the gentle bubbling of the river close by, and crickets chirping in the foliage.

Outstandingly stylish tents with a touch of magic, Escape Nomade experiences bring you deep into nature’s living space and encourages you to listen to the sounds of nature while spending quality time with your special one. Far more romantic than any other experience, the romance of the evening with its bamboo lights, candles and transparency all shining through and casting its shadows is a joyful rendezvous with your partner. You will find total harmony and peace, feels like a home nestled in the lap of mother nature!

If you make your way to the west part of the island, Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Camp & Dive Center is the best location for those who want to experience close-to-nature ‘glamping’ with splendid underwater treat. This tented resort sits next to a blissful white-sand beach, catering to outdoor activities for the adventure enthusiasts. You are expected to enjoy the sweeping forest views of West Bali National Park. You will be treated with seamless and comfortable treatment to the protected mangrove and rainforests leaving you with awe for days.

The resort comprises Beach Camp Tents and Cliff Tent Villas, featuring the antique African-style glamping tents from robust top-quality canvas. The interiors of the tents perfectly capture the ambience of the classic safari-style with solid glass doors, natural materials and muted colours harmonised with blackened steel elements. Each room is fitted with canvas roller blinds, wardrobes, inbuilt desks and bamboo lamps. International channels and DVD player can be your alternate entertainment inside the tent. And to make you feel more at home, you can snuggle in the luxurious queen-sized bed with a spacious dressing area. To create a romantic moment with your partner, daybeds and loungers are available in the private deck outside the tent where you can appreciate the tranquillity of the surroundings.

For the vibrant underwater experience, a dive and water sports centre is provided to give you the best water excursions around Menjangan Island. This will include scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddle boarding. If you prefer land excursions, there are loads of outdoor activities to add the sparkling attachment between you and your lover. Trekking to the nearest villages, cycling and mountain biking, birdwatching along the forest, or daytrips to the nearby attractions. Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Camp & Dive Center is for couples who are seeking a totally different experience.

Glamping is the newest way to disrupt your daily routine and shift your focus back to the things that matter. It is the way of celebrating a love of individualism, the nomadic life and being sustainable. After a short trip to the nature, you are expected to be more balanced and brimming with ideas due to the change in perspective! Glamping immerses you in a region’s raw beauty – every trip away is enhanced by the time of year, local topography and wildlife. It gives you a different way of viewing your world and bonding with your loved ones.

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