Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Mansion Baliwood Resort

The Mansion Baliwood Resort is among the rare gems in Bali. Situated at the heart of the Penestanan artist community, on the Sayan Ridge, the resort can be accessed just a few minutes from the island’s cultural center of Ubud. Coming with water feature designs together with multiple pools, the resort has 150 rooms to offer, ranging from the Penthouse to the deluxe suites.

The unique culinary experience that is enjoyed by guests at this resort is reminiscent of the classic up to date dining ambiance that you won’t wish to miss out on. The setting is perfect for the celebration of an important announcement, special occasion and relaxed dinner among others. In other words, the mansion has the ultimate ambience, offering you the best service that has maximum attention to detail.

As part of the Indochine Group of hospitality industry service providers, the Mansion offers its customers the unique combination of the Indonesian or rather Asian and Chinese cuisine thus making it an ideal spot for dinner among other gatherings. From the Tree House Dining all the way to the Royal Rijsttafels, diners are offered unique dining environment and memorable delicacies for special occasions together with important celebrations. At the Café La Terrace, you will be offered casual delicacies in an airy design that has been decorated with an array of impressive art selections.

To supplement the nice food, the Mansions has massage gurus who will give you the ultimate massage together with the Asian healing rituals at their celebrated spa facility, the Heaven and Earth. From their traditional therapies and therapists all the way to the specialists in modern spa therapies, your body will be rekindled in this great award winning spa.

The criteria used to choose hotels in Indonesia include the availability of online booking facilities, social & environmental awareness, unique hotel personality, the kind and value of service offered, safety & security, architecture & views and value for money among others, all of which can be found with the Mansion Bali Resort.

With the outstanding hospitality services being offered here, together with the extensive facilities that are found in this five-star luxury hotel, be assured of not only getting the best accommodation services but also the best foods and beverages to make your stay comfortable.