Monday, January 2, 2017

Spanish Touch at Jimbaran

Akua Bali Restaurant is more than just a restaurant but also a beach club and a lifestyle center that’s set up has been inspired by the amalgamation of the beautiful blues and greens associated with Bali together with the Spanish ideas. This is a place where one would always cherish to see as well as to be seen. You are assured of enjoying great foods as you get the rare opportunity of paddling in the great Jimbaran beach and Kayaking among other beach activities.
There are times that you may just need some bit of inspiration so as to keep going. At Akua Bali, rest assured that you will get the best of the Spanish healthy living concept in the combination of seas sport such as SUP and kayaking together with delicious healthy foods. Paddle more as you worry less thus stimulating your senses at the paddle beach offered by Akua Bali and guided by a team of specialist who have lots of passion and rich experience in water sports. 

The list of the foods found in this restaurant is unending. Other than the food itself being excellent, there is also excellent food service provision. You feel comfortable even before the food has been served courtesy of their customer care experiences staff. Below are just some of the foods they offer.

1.    Chopitos: Must-try Tapas
The Chopitos found in this restaurant are very fresh and well battered thus making Akua to be among the restaurants that offer the best of Chopitos. Chopitos are best enjoyed when fresh. The delicacy is light and slightly crunchy, coming with an aroma that will make you want more of it. If you come from some of the European countries or you are a resident of the inland USA states and you thought what you have been eating are sweet Chopitos, then you have not yet tasted fresh Chopitos.

2.    Gambas al ajillo
Translated Garlic Shrimp in English, Gambas al ajillo is s saucy dish that is made by placing a clove of garlic in each shrimp. It is super delicious. To sauté the dish, why not try it with red peppers and some lemon juice. It can also be taken with suited spinach among other types of bread and rice that are all well prepared to taste in the great Akua Bali Restaurant.

3.    Paella
Paella is among the best natural and healthy foods, prepared by combining meats and vegetables then characteristically being seasoned with saffron. Other spices great Asian spices are added to the Paella in this restaurant thus giving it a sweet aroma and a mouthwatering taste. With onion, garlic and saffron as among the key herbs in the delicacy, you are sure that when eating Paella, you are eating your way to health. Served family styled the way it is done by the Chinese, if you come as a family, you will be served in a round pan and on a round table.

4.    fresh & slim juice
There are a number of fresh fruit juices that you can decide to enjoy at any time of the day. If you want to enjoy that fresh mango or citrus juice for your morning, at Akua Bali Restaurant, be sure you will enjoy the best fresh juice in town.