Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bring Mediterranean atmosphere to Nusa Dua

Offering the finest Mediterranean cuisine, Ole Ole Tapas Bar is the newest additional of culinary optional for people in Nusa Dua area. Within a large lofty space with tiled floors, leatherette chairs and brick walls, it encompasses an authentic European texture. Owing to the famous Mediterranean colour Blue, you will notice that the interiors of this restaurant is charmingly designed in various hues of blue.

All the dishes are highly provoking and very commendable. The most popular are Tapas and Spanish Rice with originally from Valencia, seafood, vegetable and saffron. This dish is extremely flavoursome in itself, but when ordered with the Crispy Pork Belly becomes simply out of the world. Crispy Pork Belly is one of those slow cooker recipes which provides a dash of flavours altogether. While enjoying these dishes, make sure a glass of Sangria is sitting next to the meal to give a punch of Spanish origin. It is a good pick for the wine lovers. Lastly, no meal is considered complete without a dessert. Chocolate con Churros is a hit dessert in Madrid and is an apt end to a Spanish meal. This dessert is normally served with hot chocolate, while the freshly made churros are served in a platter. It is normally a fritter that will make you thirsty, so the Sangria acts as a saviour.

Credit to Ole Ole Tapas Bar
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