Thursday, November 3, 2016

Best Modern Modular Kitchen Designs 2016

Modular Kitchen refers to the kitchen that is constructed by using pre-created cabinets or cabinet parts. Apart from being able to choose from already prepared designs, the modular kitchen design sets cost a lot less than customized kitchens as everything is already fabricated. Modular Kitchen Design is a success in terms of all types of families as they offer splendid designs at lesser rates. Modular Kitchen Designs are also space efficient due to a large number of compartments tailored with full efficiency. Here, we bring to you the top 5 Modern Modular Kitchen Designs of 2016.
ASAP House
This Modular Kitchen Design is produced by the company with the same name as the design. ASAP house is one the leading Modern Modular Kitchen Design companies and their designs are highly appreciated inside the United States of America. With their key business being refurbishing whole houses, their Modular Kitchen Designs prove to be their X factor. Sleek and efficient cabinets, with a simple yet classy marble look and elegant looking shelves, make it an appropriate design to bet on.

Celebrate Cooking Kitchen
Design in India Kitchen has been a very big name in terms of creating Modular Kitchen Designs in the subcontinent. Their out of the box thinking and reasonable prices are some of the few reasons people choose the firm over other leading Modular Kitchen Designers. Celebrate Cooking Kitchen is another simple yet sophisticated and stylish creation by the enterprise, which is a big affirmative among the people of the nation.

A foundation of the minds of the people from Pedini Kitchen USA, Pedini Magika stands out from a number of designs to be inducted in the list of best Modular Kitchen Designs. Pedini has been in the business of producing modern and elegant designs for kitchens for almost six decades. The Italy-based firm’s Magika creation is one of the highly appreciated ones. A soothing environment with simple designs that look nothing less than those which cost a fortune to make, what more can a person demand? Pedini is determined to create a name for them around the planet if such Modular Kitchen Designs keep popping out; they surely will hit their mark.

Some designers come up with such creations that dazzle the witness, and create an impression in their mind which takes a long time to fade away. Mal Corboy, the creator of DODD Kitchen, a Modular Kitchen Design appreciated by numerous people all over New Zealand. Mal has been awarded numerous times for his designs and is believed to be one of the top kitchen designers in the country. DODD design embarks the phenomenon of high-class equipment and top class materials with a pinch of fashionable lights all around the design to keep the kitchen, as well as the person in it enlightened.

Passive House Retreat 
Zero Energy DESIGN, unlike their name is a source of immense energy to hundreds of people who have implemented their designs in their homes. When a firm provides you with beautiful looking and energy saving designs for your kitchens, why go somewhere else? The Passive House Retreat has an efficient and voguish design makes the owner spends more time in the kitchen than someplace else. This beauty is present on the coast of New England, and a number of people have paid the firm to recreate this Modular Kitchen Design in their homes.

By Sue Ann Klosterman Becker (Guest Writer)