Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September's Dining Fiesta

Now, let’s see what the island has on this month’s dining table. From new opening in Tuban to new setup menu from the culinary team of some restaurants. How about pairing wine with seafood for your dinner? Or, perhaps anyone fancy a 400-gram beef burger for lunch? If that is too much for your taste buds, maybe a tender and juicy steak would treat you just fine. We have covered everything for everyone on this month.

Arang Sate Bar brings traditional satay to Ubud
Situated in central Ubud but discreetly set back from the busy main road of Ubud, Arang Sate Bar offers a gastronomic twist on traditional satay by using larger cuts of different types of meat, fish, shellfish and vegetarian options. The Classic Sate selections on the menu feature traditional takes on regional Indonesian satay, including Maduranese duck served with sweet soy peanut sauce, roasted shredded coconut and rice cake; Balinese chicken sate served with green beans, sprouts, coconut urap salad, peanut sauce and rice cake; and Spiced Balinese escargot sate served with watercress, peanut sauce and rice cake. The idea behind these dishes is to experience some of Indonesia’s critical flavours and present them in a way that enhances the experience of that particular dish. The combination of Arang’s dishes and Dutch-era inspired interior décor will bring Indonesia’s cultural culinary heritage in Ubud.

Bebek Bengil opens new branch at Tuban
Open since 1990, starting the first branch in Ubud, Bebek Bengil continues to expand their business by announcing the newest branch in Tuban. Located 5 minutes from the International Bali Airport, this branch is expected to cater to the needs of people who crave for some crispy ducks but do not have the time to go to Ubud and/or those who are leaving Bali with some yummy ducks as a souvenir.
The ambience of Bebek Bengil Tuban is simple and comfortable, and therefore makes it perfect for meetings, birthday parties or casual togetherness with friends and loved ones. Ready to serve up to more than 400 people at once, guests will be treated with the authentic Balinese delicacy. Recommended dish is, of course, the famous crispy duck served with Balinese vegetables and sambal matah.

All you can Steak at The Butchers Club Steakhouse
Coming with a custom-built wood grill, made out of a wheel crank system to regulate temperature and charring during the cooking process, The Butchers Club Steakhouse offers a nice selection of starters, high quality steaks and a wide variety of seafood, all prepared in a variety way. The entry of the restaurant is marked by a working butchery filled with steaks and seafood, which also operates as a retail butcher’s shop that sells sausages, steaks, chickens, fish and homemade condiments.
For guests who are keen to dine-in can reserve a spot in the patio area, or for those who want to be a part of the process making meals can blend with the staff at the open galley-style kitchen centred around the grill. The dining area has an industrial-chic style full of repurposed items, making The Butchers Club Steakhouse is a unique experience for foodies. Having a big bar built into a cargo container is a new level of culinary experience. 

Four Hand Collaboration at CasCades 
If you are a big fan of Mexican food, Cascades at Viceory Ubud will be hosting the first Mexican – European – Indonesian Fusion, Four Hand Collaboration with award winning and multifaceted chef, Thierry Blouet of Café des Artistes, Mexico. Having so many experiences working at Michelin Restaurants, Chef Thierry Blouet has made Café des Artistes an icon in Puerto Vallarta over the past 25 years. He is also active as the Regional Balli of Chaine des Rotissuers, a reputable French-originated gastronomy society.
With 16 years’ experience working in and establishing restaurants in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Vietnam and Bali, CasCades’ executive chef Nic Vanderbeeken builds the reputation of CasCades at Viceroy Bali hotel. These double talents will collaborate to present canapés and six courses with wine pairing that will not only seduce your taste buds, but will delightfully overwhelming all of your senses.

Double melted cheddar of Deus Monster Burger
If you are a biker or just into bikes and surfing, dining at Deus Ex Machina will feast your eyes and stomach at the same time. Combining custom retro motorcycles, surfboards and fine dining you will get a mouth-watering Pan Asian Cuisine. Deus café built their menu straight from the heart, the same way they build motorcycles and surfboards. One of the fun part dining at Deus is that you can order all the dishes in half size, so you can have as many dishes as you can on the table to share. Or if you are not into sharing, then try their “Deus Monster Burger”, a 400-gram beef burger with double melted cheddar, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, fried egg and Dijon mayonnaise. That will treat well your taste buds.

Indonesian and Italian taste in one dish at La Cucina Restaurant
With a strong taste of Italy, this signature restaurant of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel will take your dining journey into something memorable. Overlooking the hotel’s pool and kids play area as well as the famous Kuta Beach, you will be treated well with pastas and thin-crust pizzas directly from the open wood-fired oven. Set in a lovely garden setting, it is recommended to dine under the stars in such a pleasant environment. Since the beach is only a few walks away from the dining table, makes it perfect for sunset dinners. If you are looking for something different from your daily meals, try their homemade prawn Ravioli with a spinach filling and fragrant saffron sauce, or Lagsana Rendang. Guaranteed will tickle your taste buds.

New taste experience at Faculty Kitchen & Bar
Inspired by the ideas of experimentation, new formulas and innovation, Faculty Kitchen & Bar offers a creation by imparting a personal twist to well-known classics like marinating, infusing, smoking, pickling and dehydrating. Their culinary team is continuously making a new culinary experience with fresh ingredients, hoping not just to feast your eyes but also to experience a unique taste in a casual upscale atmosphere. For the cocktail lovers, a various choices of alcohol are ready to give you a new tasting venture. Choices of goods from BURO Retail are sitting under the same roof of the restaurant, as well as the best coffee of L/S Coffee Studio, bringing you a one-stop destination of everything.

Discover the art of Japanese cuisine with HonZen 
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali invites you to gather for a live performance around their latest Teppanyaki table at Honzen. Highlighting a lively sensual dining performance by the chef, you can enjoy deep fried softshell crab cooked in an original blend of spices or a signature Korean seafood, Bibimpap. Using creative flair, traditional Japanese cooking techniques on a hotplate grill, and a choice high quality ingredients, guests can delight in a feast that is both culinary and visual. As you move forward to the main course, be prepared to be amazed by the chef’s theatrical show right before your eyes, that include fiery displays and samurai-style spinning, banging and flipping of the razor sharp spatula. The food is cooked at a high heat and with only a few drops of oil, making it as equally entertaining as the delicious flavours. HonZEN offers an interactive dining experience, which an absolute must-try if you happen to be around Jimbaran area.

Amazing Josper Grill for juicy steak at Miura Pintxos Bar and Grill
Located a few walks from Seminyak Beach on Camplung Tanduk, the restaurant features an alfresco setting in a two-level rotunda with its top terrace overlooking the street and Grandmas Hotel’s pool. The food is highlighting cuisines of Spain, with Basque Pintxos as the most recommended dish. Recently, they have announced to public a fresh selection of barbeque and grill cooked in their Josper, an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in one machine. This fabulous cooking grill ensures none of the natural moisture or flavour escapes from the food cooked in it. Its ability to reach up to 500 degrees Celsius, makes it possible to produce a tender and juicy steak at the perfection.

Pairing seafood with wines for your weekend getaway
Located in the heart of where the crowd is, Big Fish Bar & Grill offers refreshingly light and healthy meal options, fresh seafood from the daily market fish, and premium Australian beef. How about pairing seafood with wines in an open kitchen dining spot? A glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay will pair wonderfully with fish. Plenty of red and sparkling wines also complement a variety of seafood, from slipper lobster to prawn.
This signature restaurant of The Stones Hotel is inviting foodies to a weekend of seafood and wine. Join in every Saturday or Sunday after sunset for Chef’s selection of fresh seafood and Australian Wine in live cooking stations and prepared in Mediterranean style, only for your dining pleasure.

Pork BBQ Rib with the taste of Indian Ocean
What is the better way to spend or end the day besides the comfort of the endless ocean view from the beach? Sunday Beach Club at The Ungasan Resort is safely tucked away below some breathtaking and imposing cliffs, offering not just a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean but also a bucket full of mouthwatering dishes to satisfy your discerning palate.
On the menu, they have Rolled Gado Gado served with peanuts, Pork money bag served with sweat chili, and Tomato Bocconcini skewers served with pesto & balsamic reduction. While these assorted authentic fusion canapes sound perfect for lunch, you may also want to try Pork BBQ Rib for dinner, served in grill stew with crispy rings and herbal honey. You can choose your best dining spots in the air-conditioned comfort, poolside or oceanfront lawn.

This article is published on the September issue of NOW! Bali Magazine