Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bali’s Up North Trekking

Not many of us know what it actually means to be on a vacation. Is it just about booking a room in a luxurious resort, having meals at fancy restaurant, sitting by the beach with a beer in hand or just enrolling for a guided day tour with some travel agency? There is a lot more than this. Vacation is a time to set your mind free, plunge into soulful thinking, absorbing the beauty of nature and letting go off all inhibitions. The place can be far away from home, or can just be a spot in your hometown. The essence is to explore and be adventurous to the core, something which we are deprived of in our mundane life.
Bali is blessed to have all that one could wish for. Gorgeous mountains, volcanoes, breath-taking crater lakes, dense green jungles, lush rice fields, spectacular beaches, fairytale-like waterfalls and the list goes on. Speaking about mountains, Mount Batur Sunrise trek is a very famous one in Bali. The trek usually starts at 2 AM in the morning. You need to walk around 4 km up to the hills. There are few huts on the top where you can wait till the sunrises. If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you will see millions of stars. Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise from the top of an active volcano. The sun rises behind Mount Abang and Mount Agung, and on clear days it is also possible to see Mount Rinjani in Lombok. You can enjoy the bird-eye view of Bali. Lake Batur is covered in fog and looks like a dream. On your way down you will come across few hot springs where you can soothe your tired muscles. If you are on a guided tour, the guide will definitely take you to the coffee plantations or Bali Agro-tourism at the foothills of Mount Batur where you can sample the world’s most expensive “Coffee Luwak” and have a hearty breakfast.
Mount Agung is believed to be the home of the God. You can choose the starting point from either Pasar Agung Temple or Besakih Temple, both of which covers a distance of 5 km on an average. If you choose Pasar Agung, then you can enjoy the view of craters and if you choose Besakih Temple, then the trekking commences through the dense jungle of Besakih. No matter which route you take, the view is destined to be mind-blowing. You can see small vents letting out smoke from the volcanoes. This is the moment where you fell the closest to nature. For both these treks, you need to be physically fit and is not recommended for family and kids. Also do carry water and woolen clothes.
Unlike Mount Batur, Caldera Batur not only lets you witness stunning sunrise overlooking Mount Rinjani but also gives you the opportunity to explore the rural and real countryside of Bali. Mount Abang is the highest point on the rim of the Batur caldera. Enjoy the scenic view of Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and Mount Agung form up here. Caldera Batur trekking will lead you to the one of the Bali Aga village called Trunyan Village 6 km for Ubud and famous for its cemetery.
The jungle of Tamblingan and Buyan are famous for jungle treks. These rainforests are dense but not dangerous. Apart from the famous lakes and waterfalls keep an eye open for the smaller waterfalls gushing out form the rocks. Do not miss out on using a dug-out canoe for travelling on the lakes. Trek in to the tropical mountain rain forest near the lake village of Bedugul, where flora and fauna thrive. You can encounter the wide variety of flora thriving in this unique environment: orchids, ferns, palms, fungi, vines, creepers, strangling figs and ground cover.