Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Playing ground for your little ones

Parents are so busy with their work lives to keep track what their kids are up to. They need whatever help they can get to keep their brood in order and, for the most part, happy. Some of gone down the road going to any attraction sites available, jumping from one playground to another, or even looking for nannies to keep their little ones busy. But they are just not enough, knowing the fact that kids always want to do more.
Cubby House Kids Club in Canggu Club offers a safe, cosy and conducive environment where your children can have fun and learn while you do other activities. Catered to kids aged 2 to 12, the kids club offers a myriad of toys and activities that will keep your little ones occupied all day long. The place is lively, vibrant and definitely noisy, such a proper place for the kids to play, laugh and move freely. And you do not have to worry about your kids' safety as they are in the safe hands. Children from 2 to 4 years old are watched over by responsible, friendly and reliable English-speaking staff (caregivers) of the club. Please be advised that parents and nannies are not allowed to enter the area, unless your kid is under 2 years old.
There is a unique space dedicated to children of a certain age range. While being monitored by attentive caregivers, the very young children (aged 2 to 4) have a special space where they can read stories. If your kid is the hyperactive type who cannot sit still or prefers to move around, soft tunnels are available for him/her to crawl through. Toddlers seeking intellectual stimulation can also play Lego or blocks, triggering their brain to be more creative. Toy racing cars are also an alternative activity to keep them busy.
Technology savvy kids, particularly those with some elementary education, get to enjoy the use of the Nintendo Wii to play various famous handheld games. Mac Computers are also provided for them to surf the internet, watch videos or play online games. You can join the movie session at the movie theatre.
Children who do not have a penchant for gaming can immerse themselves in books available in the library. Alternatively, those who are more artsy in nature can let their creative juices flow by doing hands-on at the arts and crafts area. For the girls, who are into dolls and fashions, dressing up doll houses can definitely be a perfect spot for them to hang around.
Older children are treated differently, especially for those with the “outdoor” type and love sports. The kids club boasts two undercover outdoor play areas which offer a wide range of outdoor activities. One is meant for kids who are much older (near 12 years old) due to the intensity of the activities, like air hockey and basketball. Kids who need some physical activity to get their daily dose of adrenaline rush will enjoy the outdoor areas, which allow them to sweat it out.
Of course, what is a kids’ club without meals being provided, especially after a great physical workout or to act as energy boosters for the kids to play? The kid’s menu offers a number of healthy dining options which are mostly Western dishes. Then, your kids can quench their thirst with cold juices or soft drinks alongside their main course. Ice cream is available as an indulgence to wrap up the entire meal. After all, which kid does not like to satisfy his/her sweet tooth?
With all the mentioned facilities and services provided, the entrance to the club is relatively affordable at IDR140,000++ for a 2-hour casual pass. If you intend to bring your kid frequently, there is more to rejoice. A Super Fun Pass can be purchased for just IDR1,200,000++, allowing 10 visits of up to 4 hours each time.
Cubby House Kids Club at Canggu Club promises a satisfying experience for your kids. While you spend some quality time with yourself doing a spa or massage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your little ones are safe and engaging in meaningful activities.

Cubby House Kids Club
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