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Best Kitchen Accessories for your Home Kitchen

Budget based cooking tools are the current trend. The kitchen must look attractive with the latest and modern kitchen items. People love to have new Kitchen Accessories to improve the style and appearance of their Kitchen. These tools also simplify cooking to a great extent.

StovesStoves are the primary kitchen item in all kitchens. The glass top gas stoves are the most preferred kitchen item in every household. These stoves add more elegance to your home kitchen. These glass top stoves are easy to clean and maintain. Duplex glass tops are preferred for their shatterproof nature and holding large utensils. Normally gas stoves come with a two-year warranty period.
The main features preferred in a stove include
•    Toughened glass top with black color
•    Pan support
•    Design must be spill proof
•    Efficient Brass burners preferably three
•    Auto induction burners
•    Easy to clean and maintain
Induction stoves have replaced the gas stoves considerably. The main features of an induction stove include the preset cooking options for various modes, switch control, 2100 W capacity, Time selection, Digital display, temperature setting, variable wattage, etc. The need for induction stoves is on the rise.

Water purifiersWater is an essential element in cooking. The presence of a water purifier in the kitchen is of great use. Water purifiers and dispensers are one of the essential Kitchen Accessories. Water is the most important element and in families with children, the need for purified water is high. Most of the diseases spread through contaminated water and hence the need for pure water is high. Every household has a water purifier in the form of RO, candle based, carbon based, reverse osmosis and other types.
The main features of a water purifier include
•    Electrical operation
•    Wall Mount Installation
•    3 or 5 Purification Stages
•    24 V Operating Voltage
•    UV Technology
•    Total Capacity of 8 liters
•    Filter Life of 6000 Liters
•    RO + UV Technology
•    Auto Shut-off
•    RO Technology
•    RO Membrane based operation

Other Main Kitchen AccessoriesMicrowave oven is one of the main accessories in home Kitchen that make cooking fast. In this fast paced world, people do not have time for cooking. Microwave oven is the solution to save time on cooking. Speed cooking is the specialty of the microwave ovens.
Refrigerator is an essential appliance in every kitchen. Energy saving is a main aspect considering the refrigerators as they are switched on all the time. It is better to go for a five-star rating refrigerator to save energy. Juicers and ice cream makers are essential home kitchen accessories during the summer time when body needs more fluids. Drinking Coffee is a daily habit, and this makes coffee maker one of the essential Kitchen Accessories. Energy Efficient Dishwashers are the need of the hour. On an average, the life of a dishwasher comes to around ten years. These dishwashers improve the lifestyle of the family.

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