Monday, June 27, 2016

Spike at The Beach

Everyone knows what Beach Volleyball is? But, the real question is, does anyone ever play it? The fact that we are living in the island with uncountable sandy beaches and radiant sunshine, it is quite surprising this sport hasn’t become such a popular game in Bali. Volleyball at the beach is not just a sport with a net sticking on the sand and a ball flying around it. Just play some music and get a little crowd, then it will be a party by the beach! Sounds fun, now, huh?
Beach Volleyball, which also commonly referred to as Sand Volleyball, is entirely different with traditional indoor volleyball. Featuring the same basic skills of passing, setting, hitting, digging and blocking, Beach Volleyball is more about being out in the sunshine and embracing the fresh air. While a formal Beach Volleyball requires agility, speed and excellent hand-eye coordination that will possibly lead to a very fast and furious game, a casual Beach Volleyball offers an opportunity to explore the real fun on the beach.
Size, age and gender doesn’t really matter in this beach sport. You can be the smallest, weakest or oldest, as long as you are fit enough for a fun time. You can play early in the morning to greet the sunrise, feel the sand beneath your feet, and once in a while stare in amazement at the gorgeous turquoise Indian Ocean next to where you stand. Or start in the afternoon where the ocean waves are rolling in, your feet are sinking in the warm sand, and people are working on their tan. Either way, you will get the perfect backdrop of spectacular photo opportunities.
A few sessions of Beach Volleyball ensure you to experience the vigorous physical activities as the sunshine at the beach increases your metabolism rate tenfold. With up to 100 calories burned during just half an hour of playing each session, Beach Volleyball will improve not just your physical health, but also mental health as well as your interpersonal skills. Being outdoors in a fun environment creates a healthy, relaxed attitude in people. 

In Nusa Dua area, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua beach Resort is one of the hotels that provide Beach Volleyball as the alternative activities in the hotel. For guests staying at Sofitel, this facility is free of charge any time of the day. If you don’t have enough people to play, worry not, the Sofitel staff will be available for you every day at sunset time.

Courtesy of:
Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort
+62 361 8492888
ITDC Lot N5, Nusa Dua